Letter: Mayor Brown ‘brought transparency’ to office

From: Peggy Sallee


This letter is to the people of Columbus who go to work every day, take care of their children, maintain their homes, recycle (thanks in part to Mayor Kristen Brown), volunteer to help others, ride bikes on the wonderful bike trails and enjoy all the great restaurants. Yes, life is good in Columbus, Indiana.

It is good because we have an elected official, Brown, who works for you. She is accountable to you for the hard-earned tax dollars that you pay. She has brought transparency and integrity to the office of mayor. These days, transparency is a political buzz word, but Brown has shown the residents of Columbus just what transparency really means. For example, Columbus Downtown Inc. (CDI) has been dissolved. No longer could CDI spend your tax dollars behind closed doors. Another example of Brown’s effort toward transparency is that she began live and on-demand broadcasting of public meetings on the Internet.

Brown has integrity. That means she does what she says she will do. Isn’t it refreshing in politics to have a leader whose word you can count on. Brown said she would remove the mandatory trash fees and she did. She said that she would help fight crime and she did. Violent crime has been cut by 50 percent, and more police officers are on our streets. She said she would improve infrastructure and she did. Forty miles of streets have been reconstructed and repaved. Every city in America should have a mayor like Brown; then city governments would truly be just what Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg address: “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Brown is up for re-election this year. She has accomplished so much for citizens of Columbus these past three years. And the best part is, she has a great plan for the future of Columbus. Let’s keep moving in the right direction and keep the momentum going. Register to vote by April 6 and make your voice count. Re-elect Brown.