We want to help you get your items into the newspaper. We set aside a large amount of our news space each week for reader-submitted content — from photos to announcements, to sports, business and news briefs. We can make no guarantees on when a submitted item will run and we edit all items to conform to the style of The Republic and the Associated Press. Submit your items here:

Readers who want a piece of information to appear in exactly the format they submit it, on the day they choose and on the page they want it to appear, should consider buying an ad. Our advertising department can be reached at 812-379-5655 or [email protected].

Below outlines how to get various news-related items into The Republic. If you ever are in doubt, you can e-mail a submission to [email protected] or call 812-379-5633, and we will help you get it into the paper.

News submissions

News tips: To alert our editors, reporters and photographers to breaking news, community issues, events, features or other news possibilities, send us an e-mail at [email protected], fill out the form here or call 812-379-5633.

Obituaries: We run short, free obituaries each day on the On the Record page. We also run paid obituaries on that page that are longer and may include a photo.

The free listings are limited to very basic information, and the person who died must have a local connection.

We prefer to get this directly from funeral homes. If you need us to provide a free listing without working through a funeral home, we require you to bring in a physical copy of a death certificate.

To get help with obituaries, contact the Classified Advertising department Monday through Friday at 812-379-5600, or email [email protected].

Letters to the editor: Letters should be kept to a maximum of 500 words. They must include the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number for verification to be considered for publication. Letters are limited in frequency to one every two weeks by a single writer. Send your letter to [email protected] or fill out the form here.

Orchids and Onions: These appear on Page A2 every day as part of Around Town. Orchids should be kudos, thanks or congratulations for one-time events. We do not accept Orchids dealing with funerals or deaths.

Onions are the opposite of Orchids. It’s a way to share with others situations that are bothering you, without making it publicly personal. We do not include the names of people or companies who are the target of an Onion. Please, keep it classy. Keep submissions to one sentence.

To submit an Orchid or Onion, e-mail [email protected], fill out our form here or call 812-375-5280 for Orchids, 812-375-5283 for Onions.

Around Town Anniversaries: We run two kinds of anniversary announcements, the one-sentence items in Around Town on Page A2 every day and the full write-ups in Sunday’s Lifestyle section.

To submit the one-sentence type, e-mail [email protected], fill out the Around Town form or call 812-375-5281. Our deadline for the next day is noon.

Sunday Anniversaries: For the longer anniversary announcements with photos which run in Sunday’s newspaper, the forms are available here at The Republic, or fill out the form online here or download a PDF version here. Our deadline for the upcoming Sunday paper is noon on Monday.

We publish the Sunday announcements for 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th or greater anniversaries.

Birthdays: We run short birthday announcements on Page A2 in Around Town. For next day publication of birthdays please submit the information by noon. First and last names must be used for birthdays. Birthdays can be submitted to [email protected], our online form here or 812-375-5282.

Community Calendar: A Community Calendar appears every day on Page A2 of The Republic. The Community Calendar does not include upcoming events but only the events on the day they are occurring. This is generally reserved for items that are open to the public and hold interest for a large number of readers, or are being held by not-for-profit groups, community agencies, schools or government entities.

The easiest way to get this information into the paper is to fill out the form here. It may also be e-mailed to [email protected].

Religion news: Saturday’s Faith & Community section normally includes three pages devoted in part or in full to local houses of worship of all beliefs. A listing of items covering everything from teachings and studies to fundraisers and picnics runs in this section. The deadline for submission of these items is 5 p.m. Friday for publication on the Saturday eight days from the deadline at [email protected]. Information: 812-379-5633.

Neighbors: Saturday’s Neighbors page is a catch-all page set aside for our readers’ submissions. Submit photos or written work, including columns or articles about events you attended. The deadline is 2 p.m. on Tuesdays, but items are run as space is available. You can send submissions to [email protected], our online form here or call 812-379-5639 to discuss details.

Military news: We run announcements about military events such as assignments, boot camp completions, awards and honors on the Neighbors page. Those can be submitted to [email protected] or our online form here.

Weddings and engagements: These appear with photos in Sunday’s Lifestyle section and online at The deadline for the next Sunday is at noon on Monday. You can fill out the wedding form online here. You can fill out the engagement form online here. Physical forms are also available at our offices. Contact Megan Stafford for more information or questions at 812-379-5633 or [email protected].

Go Guide: The Go Guide is the entertainment calendar that appears in our GO! section every Thursday. These should be events such as concerts, shows, performances or other things of interest to the public. They can be submitted online through this online form. The deadline for the upcoming Thursday Go! is the previous Wednesday (eight days in advance) at 5 p.m. Event information should be submitted two to three weeks in advance whenever possible.

Events and meetings: These appear as space is available on our local news pages. This is generally reserved for items that are open to the public and hold interest for a large number of readers, or are being held by not-for-profit groups, community agencies, schools or government entities. Send those to [email protected].

Marketplace: This is for business briefs such as advancements, new hires, awards and classes and appears in our Business sections. These should be e-mailed to [email protected].

Classrooms: School and university news such as graduations or school-related fundraisers should be sent to Shelby Mullis at [email protected] or 812-379-5620.

Photo submissions

Photo Guidelines: When submitting your photos by e-mail for publication, make sure you do not shrink the file size or lower the resolution. We prefer digital photos in JPG format the same size as they come out of your camera. Submit your photos to [email protected]. Photos cannot be returned.

If you are bringing us a physical photo, we will do our best to get it back to you, but we cannot guarantee that. So don’t send us your only copy of a precious photo. If you must leave your only copy, make sure you include contact information, an envelope with paid postage and mailing address where we can return it.

Take Your Best Shot: Republic readers are welcome to submit photos for our daily Take Your Best Shot feature. Photos are selected based on their potential interest to others, and appear on the second page of the newspaper every day. To give a wider variety of photographers a chance to participate, we limit the number of published photos from any single submitter to two per month. Send us your digital photos to [email protected] or fill out the form online here.  Because of the volume of submissions, it may take a while before your submission is published.


Sports scores: Our Sports department begins work late in the afternoon most days and takes scores from local events until about 10:30 p.m. A preferred method of sending results or announcements is to make contact via e-mail at [email protected].

Sports announcements: For future events information can be sent via e-mail at [email protected] but can also be dropped off at the front desk during the day.

Sports Scrapbook: Scrapbook submissions should be sent to [email protected]. The Republic accepts information and photos about local sports achievements and events. The deadline for weekend events is Tuesday at 5 p.m. to run in the following Sunday’s Scrapbook. Events during the week should be reported by Thursday at 8 p.m. to run in the Sunday Scrapbook.