Around Town – March 24

Orchids to …

• John Welch for doing such a good job on plowing the city garden.

• Gregg Macklin for his well-written, insightful, excellent letter to the editor that hit the nail on the head.

• Gregg Macklin’s and William Scarbourgh’s letters for entertaining debate on gun control.

• Erik and Lindsay Piper, Brittany Vasquez and all the instructors and coaches at Farrell’s for the motivational and caring atmosphere they’ve created as FXB is a life changer, from a motivated 10-week participant.

• Tim Huffman for his continuing support and leadership of Alzheimer’s research, from John Behrman.

• people who realize the more guns in circulation, the more triggers pulled; often by those with mental disability.

• Frank Bunton for making the coffee for Sunday school class at Free Methodist Church, from a Sunday school member.

• the Columbus churches who provide a free meal daily, from a participant.

• Troy, Sean and Brian from AT&T for your patience helping us with our phones and a special thank you to Brian for setting my phone to link with my car, from Paula Jarrett.

• Mayor Kristen Brown and supporters for running her campaign with class.

• Kathy Wint, Pam and Mark Wint and my grandchildren for the having a wonderful 81st birthday party for me Sunday and to all those who attended and gave cards and gifts, from Gene Wint.

• Greg Jones and Abby the therapy dog at CRH for making a patient’s day brighter, from a grateful family.

• Earl Stam for the beautiful frame he made for the Sagamore of the Wabash award given to me earlier this year by Gov. Mike Pence and state Rep. Milo Smith, from Gene Wint.

• Pam at Amari Arrangements & Gifts for creating exactly what I wanted with the cross to hang on my door, from Jennifer Speer.

• Gina Taylor, Donna Dow and bingo employees for planning and organizing an amazing and successful opening for Friday night bingo.

Onions to …

• the letter writer who writes about guns and has his facts incorrect and believes a Clint Eastwood western is a religious movie.

• The Republic for printing letters from a reader who is against guns, when he does not know what he is talking about and does not have his facts straight.

• folks too lazy to return carts to the return cart rack, causing the cart to run into other customers’ vehicles.

• the mean person who deliberately spun their car in my yard and threw mud all over my windows and siding late at night.

• the very rude woman who came into the convenience store talking loudly on her cellphone throughout the entire store and the entire time she was in line distracting and interrupting everyone.

• the Sheriff’s department for poor decision making.

• salaried managers who want to leave work right at 5 p.m., leaving the hourly employees to count down a drawer and to wait on customers.

• people who think chickens belong in city limits and the city for allowing it to happen.

• the landlord who allows squatters.

• those who think a steady barrage of planted Orchids/Onions will sway the mind of voters.

• the candidate for putting a large campaign sign in the yard of a residence after raising a stink when the other candidate did this previously.

• The Republic online weather forecast for often giving a predicted high temperature that is lower than the current temperature.

• any bank wanting to do away with tellers and increasing my chances of identity theft by beaming my transaction to a call center over the Internet.

• those behind the Republican mayoral candidate debate for providing very poor instructions on submitting questions.

• the uninformed for not knowing the city cannot do anything about the office complex on the north side of Columbus since it is not condemnable and the owner doesn’t want to do anything with it.

• those that don’t understand tacky and divisive bracelets to some is freedom of expression to others.

• the agency for not protecting all children even when the children speak out for help.

• those that think there is now less of a good ol’ boy system at City Hall than there was before.

• the customer who was rude, insulting,and abusive to the employee in the hair salon.

• the large grocery store that fired a longtime special needs bagger after making an unfortunate decision.

• the author of the letter to the editor who proposed we spend millions when he claims we are already almost $24 million in debt.

Happy Birthday to …

• Abby McGovern, from Luretta Clark.

• Jim Swegman, from all of your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Morris Norman, from Elsie.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joyce Willis on No. 47, from Jim Willis.