Letter: Owsley family deserves answers

From: Shirley Ison


We have heard that what goes around comes around, right? Be it Paris Hilton or Britney Spears or even Bill Cosby. Recently neighbors were concerned about massive hog-raising operations in Bartholomew County.

Well, something stinks to high heaven, meaning the Cary Owsley situation. Injustice cannot be forever covered up. It stinks, spreads, penetrates, then after a time explodes. Evening news shows the reality of that. Ask the former Hope marshal if it occurred to him he would be overheard other than by our living and loving God for his situation.

Unlike many, Owsley had loving relatives who saw officers’ actions as representative of bad decisions made in the case. Cutting the rug, surrounding the dead man and burning a chair. Even handling the gun used, lifting the body with the others, including the coroner. If that was someone in my family, I surely would not be quiet either.

Cheryl Jackson is to be commended to go as far as possible legally for justice. The officers disobeyed protocols. Be it parents of teenagers or a sheriff, when out of sight of them, go rogue.

If those in charge of Owsley’s investigation had body cameras, would that not have been educational? That is if the cameras could not be shut off or video deleted of the embarrassing scenario.