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Q: Is there a value in the city providing tax abatements to businesses? What approach should the city have on tax abatements?

A: Tax abatements when used properly are a useful tool in recruiting new businesses to Columbus. We need to stay competitive. Each situation would be different, and that would be something to bring to the table.

Q: What three improvements to city government would you like to see and why?

A: Continue moving forward. All departments should have a good working relationship to achieve goals. We are doing great at staying transparent. We need to have openness and respect in all departments. Board and council members should always communicate with constituents. I would like to see more city residents get involved.

Q: What should the working relationship be between the city council and the mayor?

A: The mayor is the head of our city and deserves respect from council members, as they also should deserve respect and understanding. I would like to see everyone working with each other in the spirit of communication, cooperation and respect.

Q: Should city government provide money for the arts and nonprofit organizations? Explain why or why not.

A: I believe the government should help out the arts and other nonprofit organizations if the money is available. In any situation, that would depend on the needs and priorities at that time.

Q: Columbus is faced with the need for an overpass at State Roads 46 and 11 to alleviate an expected increase in railroad traffic and a growing number of commuters along the city’s west side downtown entrance. An overpass could cost about $35 million. What is your solution for funding it?

A: At this time, the money is just not in the budget for an overpass. There should be grants from state and federal funds that need to be pursued.

Debbie Kramer

Name: Debbie Kramer

Party: Republican

Age: 59

Address: 1502 Rockyford Road

Occupation: Restaurant owner

Education: High school graduate

Previous elected offices held (and when): None

Previous elected offices sought (and when): None

Community involvement: Volunteer, grade school functions

Immediate family: Husband, Joey Kramer; sons, Shad and James; daughter-in-law, Arein.

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