Letter: Request for assistance falls on deaf ears

From: Bill Trafford


On April 10 at 8 p.m. I was passing through Columbus when my 12-year-old accidentally locked my keys in my vehicle while it was running. I had no idea who to call for help, so I contacted Columbus police knowing they have the tool and ability to pop a simple door lock.

To my surprise, they said I would have to call a locksmith. I called Columbus Towing twice, and my call went to voice mail. Again I called Columbus police and told them I could not reach the locksmith they recommended, and I asked if they could dispatch an officer to McDonald’s. Their reply was “no,” and they recommended another locksmith. Again no answer, voice mail again. Finally we had to contact a family member in Louisville to come unlock my vehicle.

The purpose of my letter is to help others understand why police cars have 911 plastered all over their vehicles and no longer “to protect and serve.” Even though as citizens we pay their salaries, police dispatchers have no compassion for stranded motorists. My experience in Columbus has left a bad feeling about Columbus. I am glad I am not a resident, and I will never stop in Columbus again in my biweekly travels between Indianapolis and Louisville. Oh, by the way, today I noticed an officer in my hometown opening a locked car for a driver at our Walmart.