Around Town – May 1

Orchids to …

• Alice for the soups and crackers, they were yummy, from Lisa.

• Harrison Township Volunteer Fireman for coming to my house when my house was full of smoke, from Clara Thompson.

• the person who took the Take Your Best Shot photos of the bald eagle and the owl, both of which were fantastic.

• Jamie for sharing your beautiful and spiritual poem, from Lajuana Heldman.

• Danny Hollander, Beth Seville and Jorge Morales for their help with the Indiana Essay Contest, from the students.

• Jennifer and Michelle at J.C. Penney for your great customer service, from Julie.

• all of those who show their photos on Take Your Best Shot, from Elsie.

• Joe Nugent for your kind deed, from Ray and Sharon Long.

• Harry McCawley on his great column on “Quite A City,” as it was very informative and enjoyable to read, from Joe Dailey.

• Brent Coy for going above and beyond to help deliver and help install a kitchen cabinet, from Lora.

• Brooke Hawkins for being awesome all of the time.

• Susan Franklin for all the loving care you have given me, from Aunt Judy.

• Doug Showalter for your hilarious and relatable Saturday column about cats, from still laughing.

• Trish Ward, who deserves two dozens roses but alas an orchid is all I can afford.

Onions to …

• people eating one of the most unhealthy types of food and yet complaining about too much icing.

• a narcissistic family member who thinks she has the right to keep her children away from family who love them because she doesn’t get her way and she needs to get her priorities straight.

• Columbus for only being able to attract sandwich shops.

• the auto place for saying they fixed my brakes two months ago and now will not honor their work.

• the local factory that has an HR person you can never get ahold of, and when you do, either railroads you or dismisses you totally.

• the factory that allows an employee to sexually harass women and when it’s reported does nothing because he cries racism.

• the care center whose upper management gossips more than the staff.

• whiny business owners who offer debit and or credit card payment options but have the nerve to complain about people who use that option and don’t pay in cash.

• schools that think they have the authority to control what children bring for lunch, totally denying a decision the parents should make.

• the grocery store that doesn’t put enough icing on donuts.

• state government leaders for the worst legislative session in many years.

• the family and friends softball team that was formed in memory of a loved one but no longer contains family members because the team cares more about winning than family and friends.

• people so easily offended when they really just need to smile and get over themselves.

• the utility company for not taking responsibility for its mess-up, and the local government official for saying they can help us but then says they cannot help us.

• the drivers of the semi trucks that constantly run red lights throughout the city and to the law enforcement officials who do nothing about it.

• the business that is having a retirement sale that is lasting for three months.

• the utility company that could not get the bill right the first time.

• the law enforcement agency for not being aggressive with traffic enforcement.

• the trailer park in Columbus for having a trailer that is surrounded by trash for over two years.

Happy Birthday to …

• Edna P. Bova on No. 86, from Bump Franke and Al Bova.

• Bobbie Jo Hart, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Franklin Capes, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Grace Schuette.

• Annessa Thayer.

• Doug Meek.

• Molly Land.

• Madilyn Ellison.

• Willow Hartwell.

• Maya Baker, from your family.

• Norma Bierlein, from Dove Ministries.

• Adam Cross, from Jenny, Kim, Autumn, Peggy, Joy, Shawn and Grandmother.

• Carol Weddle, from Pam, Kenny, Cheryl, Keith, Deb, Tim, Terry, Debbie and Brenda.

• Troy Bishop, from your friends at AT&T.

Belated Wishes to …

• Bea Chapman, from Margie Peach.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jeff and Linda Cleland, from friends at the Moravian Church.