Letter: Vote for accomplishments, not litany of criticism

From: Jerry Horn


Upon reading the letters to the editor over the course of the past 60 days, it is clear to me and it should be to all citizens of Columbus, that Mayor Kristen Brown will do what is best for the people of Columbus.

Brown has moved mountains in the short period of time she has been in office, especially since she had to right the ship that is our city government and work with a City Council of men who have sat on the sidelines and hurled stones at her for three-and-a-half years.

It is election time, and the special interest groups in Columbus (those who cash the checks from city government) are mounting an effort to protect their own turf at the expense of the taxpayers (those who write the checks to city government). We simply cannot go back to the “good old boys club.”

Do we want a mayor who protects the taxpayer and challenges the status quo or do we want a mayor who takes our tax dollars and feeds them to the special interests?

Jim Lienhoop has a weak argument to unseat Brown. He touts no accomplishments of his own. He only criticizes the good work of Brown.

She has accomplished so much good for our community. All of her accomplishments, by her own admission, could not been done without the teamwork of many — this is collaboration.

I cannot understand Lienhoop’s idea of going to China to bring more industry to Columbus. The industries we currently have cannot find labor. Signs are posted everywhere looking for employees, including Honda in Greensburg. His idea of bringing biotech and pharmaceutical jobs to Columbus is not realistic. I have worked in these industries, and this is pie in the sky. We would be competing with Indianapolis and Bloomington. These industries continue to struggle with lack of investors and angel funding. This is the reality of these industries.

The Republic’s April 19 business section read, “Help wanted badly!” We don’t need someone who is going to make taxpayer-funded trips to China, when the issues that need to be addressed are in Columbus. Brown is staying home.

With regard to the department head turnover that she is being blamed for, it is to be expected in view of her accomplishments. Each new president changes his cabinet members. The national turnover for new mayors is actually 10 percent, and Brown’s turnover rate is below that at 8 percent.

The East Columbus project was spearheaded by Brown, not Dascal Bunch.

It only makes sense to me to vote for Brown. She has kept her campaign promises, and she has in a very short period of time done the things for the city of Columbus and for the taxpayer that needed to be done.

Brown has stayed on the course of positive change for the people, which has naturally upset the status quo politicians and special interest groups.