Letter: Columnist’s views don’t represent communtiy

From: Tim Grimm


I love my hometown newspaper. But while reading local election results this morning, I came across yet another radical, narrow-minded and self-centered opinion piece by community columnist Barney Quick.

Please. Enough. His overarching view of the political world is, to say the least, stilted, and if it weren’t so out of touch, I’d say dangerous.

My notion of a “community columnist” is that they share their opinions, and this is what Quick does. In doing so, he reveals his divisive biases and expresses ridiculous rhetoric as truth.

This recent column, should, in my opinion, seal his fate as a community columnist. His treatises are a waste of ink in a paper that has a level of pride in its product. Sure, his opinion may be fodder for an underground blog, but in The Republic?

Quick clearly states he is close-minded on compromise. His inability to recognize the clear, inarguable, unassailable scientific evidence of global warming, by stating, “The global climate is not in any kind of trouble” and that global warming is “fiction,” reveals both his intellectual capabilities and the misguided hope that speaking ignorance often enough can dismantle the pillars of truth.

This is a person who also believes that racism doesn’t exist (anymore) in America. He has a callous disregard for “diversity,” “social justice” and “sustainability.” He cannot recognize the values of public education and doesn’t appreciate the value of government as a defender or champion of the public good.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but those of Barney Quick, as extreme and out of touch as they are, have no business in The Republic.