Letter: Sane, rational discourse good for community

From: Michael Beavin


As one who has read both Barney Quick’s column on what his agenda would have been were he mayor of Columbus and Tim Grimm’s letter of criticism of these policies, I would like to offer a suggestion or a challenge to these two gentlemen.

I propose that these two highly articulate, concerned citizens meet in a debate in some public place such as The Commons to express their widely divergent views on these matters, about which they feel so strongly. It would be an opportunity for them to express their views directly to each other in a reasoned, civil manner. The audience could hear these views and perhaps ask questions. I know I would have a few. For instance, if as Grimm states, the global warming scientists’ findings are “inarguable and unassailable,” I would like to hear Quick argue and assail them, not in an insulting or ridiculing manner, but where each could present facts to back up their beliefs.

Possibly, very little common ground could be found, for as my friend Brian Blair said in reporting on the animal blessings: The lion and the lamb probably will not lie down together in this life. However, any opportunity to hear a sane, rational discourse would be more than we have now. And, as it happens that both gentlemen are entertainers, perhaps they could come together and do some music afterward. If not “Kumbaya,” I would suggest “God Bless America.”