Around Town – June 20

Orchids to …

• Justin Hohn for an excellent letter, from one who totally supports your points, Dot Yeaton.

• Connie L. Miller for finding my wallet and turning it in at Jay C, from Brenda.

• Columbus Police Department for finding my bike that had been stolen.

• everyone who helped make St. Peter’s Lutheran Church VBS a huge success and blessed so many children.

• 911 for being so kind and efficient, even to a misdial, for which I am sorry.

• Dick Bray for the amazing train ride, from Arlynn Fleming, Harley Anderson and Ginny.

• Justin Hohn for your well-stated letter Thursday about the LGBT community, because a significant portion of the population feel the same way but feels bullied about our opinions.

• all those who are boycotting the SAFE movement here in Columbus.

• Ryan and Diana Mann for the beautiful remembrance of Molly, from your family and friends.

• Becky Davis for being such a great friend and helping me pack.

• Dr. John Hladik, Columbus Foot and Ankle Clinic, for taking such good care of me, from Sharon Phillips.

• Richard Switzer for his letter that was in the paper June 19.

• Justin Hohn for his well-written, truthful letter to the editor in June 18 edition of The Republic, and how he totally understands God’s grace and mercy, as God wants to forgive all sinners.

Onions to …

• the vandals who committed a childish act by destroying mailboxes west of town.

• people who swat bats in their house instead of relocating them.

• the trailer park that allows garbage toters to sit out on the street 24/7 or next to the neighbors’ trailer or front deck.

• those who don’t understand that there is a difference between city regulation vs. county.

• the amount of wasted taxpayer dollars to keep in noncompliance with INDOT.

• county head who has forgotten that his job is more than just meeting with the public.

• the extremely overpriced ice cream vendor.

• the rude person who said to me, “I hope you don’t have grandchildren.” Really?

• city parking officials who give tickets to individuals rightfully parked in handicap spots, because there are not enough spots downtown, and someone with mobility challenges should be able to park longer than three hours.

• the person who keeps sending an Onion about what people wear to church, because it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s what’s in your heart.

• the judge who sent my eight-months-pregnant daughter to prison with a sick unborn and her with medical problems.

• The Republic paper carrier who cannot get my paper on the porch, but throws it on my car or in the bushes.

• the city of Columbus for forgetting about the rest of the community.

• the letter writer who wants tolerance but has no tolerance for the opinions of others.

• those who don’t realize if you want everyone to be treated equally you don’t elevate and admire a small sector with banners.

• The Republic for its June 19 issue, in which it ran a new initiative story on the front instead of the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, which was in the middle of paper.

• the law enforcement agency that is all about pubic relations and not crime fighting.

• the restaurant for only writing up an employee for throwing a sharp object at another cook instead of firing her.

• everyone who is so concerned with other people’s sexual preferences but should just mind their own business.

• the people who continue to bash the LGBT community — get over it.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lisa Elkins.

• Aubree Walker, from Aunt Sarah, your family and Donna.

• Bernie Smith, from George and Donna.

• Eunice Low, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Christi Norris, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Michael Locke, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ralph Black, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Zach Fugate.

• Baegan Hull.

• Carlie Asher, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Lori Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.