Around Town – June 24

Orchids to …

• Joe Fish of Peters Heating and Air Conditioning for his quick response to my air conditioning problem and resolving it in the most economical way; he is truly a customer-oriented service representative.

• Billy Shrum for the fantastic job of tree and shrub trimming.

• our neighbors at Shadow Creek for all of the gracious memorials that you left for Molly, from Diana, Ryan and Reagan Mann.

• Dr. Jen Hartwell, our pediatrician, for going above and beyond to help our girls, from the Garretts, who are forever grateful and thankful to have you as their doctor.

• Nick Rittman for being a fantastic nephew for cutting Uncle Steve’s yard, from Uncle Steve and Aunt Charlotte.

• June King and the United Way volunteers for all their help in removing the carpet in my house Friday.

• Don Day for pulling the lawn mower out of the ditch Monday, from Dick and Ann.

• the people grieving their dog that passed at Shadow Creek for posting a large photo of their dog.

• The Republic circulation department for their help throughout the year, from a Ninth Street customer.

• Susan Bruner for bringing Seniors Helping Seniors to Columbus.

• those who serve the church by spreading God’s love and giving of your time to make this a loving world no matter what you wear.

• happy belated Father’s Day to Mike Cool, from Kristyn and the kids.

• Pastor James Hudson for his kindness and strength, from a friend.

• Shamra Ruane for being a great human resources manager.

• Sharon Snyder for all that you have done for us before, during and after my surgery — you are greatly appreciated and loved more than you will ever know.

Onions to …

• oversensitive people that can’t handle summertime barbecue smoke.

• those who feel the need for businesses to put a sticker in the window when the businesses already should welcome everyone.

• those who complain about their opinions being bullied when in all honesty members of a certain community have been bullied all their lives.

• people who use their vehicle as a death memorial.

• writers who praise the willful and public denigration of societal standards and their principal source.

• those who don’t realize there is a larger group that won’t shop at stores with special stickers.

• businesses that should be serving everyone already without a special sticker that will further divide the community by placing the stickers around their “No shirt, no shoes, no service” stickers.

• those who say, “all of the sudden,” when the correct phrase is, “all of a sudden.”

• local TV service that has turned its commercials up too loud.

• the retirement community home that serves gourmet meals to the assisted-living residents but very bad meals to the health care center patients.

• people who insist on taking their dogs in the car in this very hot, humid weather and then only leaving the window open about an inch when they leave them in the car.

• the county for not having an in-home treatment for heroin and meth addicts, instead sending them to jail and they get out and do it all over again.

• old men who think they know everything.

• restaurant west of town that refuses to pay employees enough to keep them, so they can keep the doors open.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bill Lazzell, from Chris, Billy and Josh.

• Edna Hawley, from Diana, Ryan and Reagan.

• JoAnn Blevins, from Karen and Donna.

• David Turpin, from your family and Donna.

• Paula Pyles, from the retiree lunch bunch and Donna.

• Hallie Hege, from your family and Donna.

• Helen ZeBell, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Lloyd Smith, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ruth Hutt, from The Daughters of Isabella sisters.

• Michele Sweet, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Linda Tungett, from Alexis and Betty Crabtree and all the Crabtree family.

• Teresa Hensley, from Betty and Pete Hensley.

• Jason Pike, from Maw-Maw McClintic, Mom, Dan, Benny, Bailey, Tony, Natasha, Kayleigh, Torrie, Tom, Brian and Aurora.

• Elizabeth Thomas, from Dad, Mom and Tyler.

• Greg Jessee, from Dad, Mom and all of your family.

• Warren Hinton, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Jamie Thixton, from Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Brittney, Kaylin, Morgan, Jeff, Amy, Tye, Trey, Tammy, Dylan, Kendra, Carrie and Tyler.

• Mary Rigsby, from a secret admirer.

Belated Wishes to …

• Teresa Hensley, from Jeff, Grant and Preston Hensley.

• Juanita Harden, from Democrat Ladies League.

• A.J. Goecker, from Jeri Goecker.

• Chad Sturgeon, from Elsie.

• Casha Whittington.

• Eric Clark.

• Bylan Harker.

• Bryan Trotter.

• John Brooks, from Travis, Sarah, Briley, Christopher, Stephanie, Hudson, Amanda and Caitlynn.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Carl and Annette Butler, from your family and Donna.

• Bobby and Judy Simpson, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Richard and Betsy Herndon, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Bill and Mary Sproessig.

Belated Wishes to …

• Glenn and Twanette Miller, on No. 25, from Mom, Jay, daughter, son and granddaughter.

• Ron and Sharon McDonald, from Mom Arvella, Josh, Ashley and Myles.