Clifty candy thieves cause sour feeling after damage

The idea of stealing candy from a kid is just wrong. But to essentially do it over and over? That’s low.

That’s what has happened at Clifty Park, as thieves — who have shown a preference for purple Skittles — have broken into the concessions trailer six times this year.

Candy thieves have caused thousands of dollars in damage to the trailer. They used metal poles to gain entry by bending the door, which now is inoperable and must be replaced.

The estimate to repair the damaged door with a stronger steel door is $1,200 to $1,500, not including labor costs. The stolen candy and drinks represents a loss of about $1,500.

All that damage to obtain sugary sweet items that are rather inexpensive at convenience stores.

The Columbus Parks and Recreation Department said break-ins happen every year at parks facilities, but the repeated break-ins at the same location is unprecedented.

Police are seeking information about the incidents. You can help by calling in tips.

With any luck those will help the police catch the culprits.

Now that would be sweet.

How to help

People who have information about the concession trailer break-ins at the Clifty Park baseball diamonds are asked to call the Columbus Police Department at 812-379-2600.