Going with the flow pays off in life, running

Training for this marathon is forcing me to adapt, to go with the flow.

On July 11, at the Saturday morning Mill Race Marathon group run, I found a new running friend in Garedew Ergette, a young man originally from Minnesota. He and I were running the same pace that day. While running, we found an iPhone, which had been left on a car trunk in downtown Columbus.

We ran to the runners’ water station across from White River Running Company with the phone in hand and asked if anyone reported losing one. No one claimed it. A couple of other runners suggested that we go to the police with the phone.

So Garedew and I took the phone over to the Columbus police station. Unfortunately, it was closed during our Saturday attempted visit. We hesitated to ring the buzzer at the door because a sign said to press for emergencies only. We pondered, “Was this an emergency?” We knew it wasn’t, but what should we do?

Fortunately, an off-duty police officer was sitting nearby in his truck. The officer graciously took the phone off our hands. We were relieved to hand the phone over to him and felt happy to have done a good deed.

We changed our route from what was suggested and added some mileage to the nine-mile route, but went with the flow. When you’re running long distances, a small distraction can be fun.

I again had to go with the flow at my Saturday morning training run July 18. I was in a hurry to get out the door to get to the Mill Race Marathon group class that morning and grabbed my old running shoes. These shoes don’t have nearly as much cushioning as the new ones I recently bought.

After six miles, I felt it. The ball of my right foot was hurting like heck. Luckily, I knew that I had my new shoes in the car, so I ran to my car halfway through the run and put them on. They felt like a dream. I finished the 12-mile route. It still was hot and humid, but at least my right foot felt OK.

I also feel I need to go with flow regarding technology. I don’t have a Garmin or even a running stopwatch. Usually, I just use a regular wristwatch during runs, but I don’t even look at it that much. I just run.

But I’m thinking that I may need to adapt and get some type of running watch. But would a running stopwatch or Garmin help me? I’m thinking that I should give it a try. So I’ll buy one in the next week and see if it helps or distracts me. Will I still listen to what my body is telling me?

Going with the flow is hard for me to do at times, but it always seems to pay off in life and in running.

Kirsten Bouthier's training schedule

Monday: Swim one mile

Tuesday: Group workout in morning — aerobics, strength, core; group running session at Central Middle School track in evening, with about 3 miles of drills and tempo running

Wednesday: Bike 20 miles with Wednesday Night Downtown Road Bikers; yoga

Thursday: Group workout in morning — aerobics, strength, core; run five miles easy

Friday: Rest day; yoga

Saturday: Run 10 miles with Mill Race Marathon group in morning; yoga, weights

Sunday: Run seven miles; yoga