Back in training after foot injury

I began running again last week.

It felt great to be back doing what I love, but I anticipate the first few weeks to be pretty tough.

I have never felt great returning after a break from running, and the past four weeks off haven’t changed that feeling.

I only went two miles last Monday, but it felt a lot longer. I felt a lot heavier and a lot slower. It’s funny how three months of training feels like it goes away in three weeks.

But I have been through this before. I know that in two or three weeks, I will be back in pretty decent shape. The foot has been a bit sore the whole week, but then again, everything is sore right now.

I am optimistic that the foot pain I have been feeling is just scar tissue built up and will eventually break up and go away with some more running, massage and mobility work.

I watched one of my training partners, Christian Wagner, and a former athlete of mine at Columbus North, Chase Ballard, compete against each other in the triathlon relay this past Saturday.

Watching others race at that level gets me excited to get back in top shape and compete at the level as well.

Danny Fisher training schedule

Danny Fisher’s training schedule (rehabbing from foot injury)

MONDAY: 4 miles easy

TUESDAY: 4 miles easy


THURSDAY: 4-mile progression run


SATURDAY: 6 miles easy

SUNDAY: 10-mile moderate long run