Letter: Shape view of world by living for Jesus

From: Jewell Fleetwood


Columbus is a city attracting people from many countries around the world. Some of the ideas in this letter may very well be for you and for you to share with others around the globe.

Today, is your inner voice telling you things are out of control? Are you and your nation honoring God? Do you read the Bible or do you simple take someone’s word for what you believe?

Are you a builder, helping those you can or are you only looking out for yourself? Do you do drugs and/or drink alcohol excessively? Do you yearn for a better life?

There is a person who can teach you how to live a better life. His name is Jesus! Jesus said, “If thou canst only believe, all things are possible to him who believeth.” (Mark 9:23)

The Bible, divinely authored, is indeed a book for all peoples of all ages. It is the best-selling book ever written. The Old Testament talks about a nation. The New Testament gives us the account of Jesus, the centerpiece of all human history. The Bible also reveals historical facts, great stories of persons, prophesies, revealing wisdom for right living, right judgements and the most precious gift of all — the way of life to Heaven.

The most glorious moment of your life is to accept Jesus as your savior for eternity. Through Him come the births of destinies!

The next thoughts involving the universe are mine alone. You are entitled to your own.

1. America is heavily in debt. Very soon we may feel the weight and burdens of this debt.

2. Medical costs have skyrocketed. Our choice is to choose how best to spend our money for survival.

3. I believe we are headed for a one-world currency.

4. I also believe we are headed for a one-world government.

5. One day we will be assigned an identification number to buy and sell.

6. Some nations are saying in their streets they want to kill and or destroy us, and yet some of our politicians are in the process of making treaties/agreements with these nations!

7. I’m told, rightly or wrongly, that America has sold one-fourth of its enriched uranium to Russia. If, true, think what this could mean.

8. Seeds are being sown now, I believe, that could grow into a full-scale war with Israel, killing one-third of Earth’s population!

9. Scripture tell us God will bless those who bless Israel. If we are not supporting Israel as we should, God will not bless the United States of America.

Finally, I believe the Holy Spirit now is being unleashed around the world and many people of many nations are now awakening to the truth: Jesus can be the kingdom of your heart and your king of kings forever.

Child of the universe! With Jesus as your savior, you are a child of the king! Let you voices ring out for Christ around the world.