How and when did you become a part of the City Farmers Market?

Just this year, when I was set up in a small market in Brownstown. A vendor in the Columbus City Market came to me and said, ‘They need breads in Columbus. The market manager would like you to come and set up.’ So on a wing and a prayer, we decided to bring everything down that day and market organizer Sande Hummel allowed us to set up and vend.

What do you sell?

We primarily sell yeast breads. We also sell pies, deep-dish minis, cookies, but mostly a variety of yeast breads. We like to sell our freshly milled whole wheat breads. Our best-seller is our cinnamon roll breads.

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How long have you been making and crafting your goods?

I’ve been setting up in Seymour for about four years. Before that, I would make breads for my family. I have a very large family.

Talk about the process of creating your items, the time, supplies and skills involved.

I began years ago with my family. Someone encouraged me to mill my own grain, so I tried that. My first breads were like bricks. After some trials and errors, we finally got some great soft and light breads that my family loved. Then one day at the Downtown Seymour Farmers Market, someone informed us that they wouldn’t be able to set up and asked if we would like to fill their spot.

I went there and tried it one time and haven’t stopped since. I love to talk to people and I love to work with my hands. It was a perfect combination. And I could bring my whole family in on it — each person does something. One of my daughters bakes the cookies and the other braids the breads, and my 17-year-old makes the pies. Two of my daughters go to the Downtown Seymour Farmers Market and one daughter comes with me here. When my husband is off work, he will be at one of the markets with them. My sons will help out their sisters, too.

What do you like most about being a part of the market?

Talking to people. I love to talk to people.

Is there a memorable experience you have since being a part of the market?

Bringing my little girl and seeing the older farmers light up when they see her. She has several adopted grandparents there; seeing what a light she has become to these older families has been a blessing.

What types of conversations do you typically have with your shoppers?

I have such a gift of gab, so my conversations can almost go anywhere with them. Usually we talk about the area. I love being a part of the local economy. I like to ask questions about the people, what they like and where they work.

Do you sell at any other locations?

We set up at the Downtown Seymour Farmers Market, and I set up a few times at the Brownstown Farmers Market.

Is this a hobby for you? Or more?

This is, for the most part, a hobby. We don’t do allowances in our family with eight kids, so we are happy to sell whatever they are able to create and produce. With that, my daughter was able to pay her way to join a writer’s convention and buy her own laptop by selling pies.

What is your favorite product to sell?

My whole wheat bread. It’s freshly milled and baked. All our products are made within 24 hours of our sales.

What inspired you to begin your business and come to the market?

It’s a perfect marriage of two things I enjoy, working with my hands and talking with people.

How did you come up with the name Beautiful Breads & More?

One thing I really enjoy is braiding my breads and making them look pretty. I can braid up some real fancy breads.

If you go

Columbus City Farmers Market

When: 9 a.m. 12:30 p.m. Saturdays through Sept 19.

Where: Facing 25th Street in the FairOaks Mall parking lot between Carson’s and JC Penney.