Letter: Lying about videos not in Christian values

From: Robert Edwards


When I was young, I remember watching an alien autopsy video and thinking that this was proof of alien existence. Most people today know that this alien autopsy video was a hoax. As an adult, my critical thinking skills have progressed beyond the point of so easily being fooled as I was by this alien autopsy video as a child. I would hope that most adults would have better critical thinking skills than this, but unfortunately I’ve found that to be untrue.

The Center for Medical Progress initially released only very heavily edited propaganda slam pieces. After intense pressure it released the unedited videos that show that Planned Parenthood did not sell any babies alive or dead.

Still there are those who think these videos show all sorts of crimes, resorting to further lies. The facts, these videos are immediately suspect because those who released them have already been proven to have edited the video in a way that was intentionally misleading.

Deceptive editing is at least enough to question the motives and trustworthiness, but it’s not all we have. So far 12 states have had investigations into Planned Parenthood, and not one has found them to be selling any sort of baby, alive or dead. Furthermore, the unedited videos actually show Planned Parenthood executives saying they can’t and won’t sell fetal tissue. The videos have as much credibility as those made by UFO hunters.

This is not a debate about abortion in America, although many people would like to make it into one. This is using underhanded tactics to influence public policy. Intentionally releasing propaganda videos into the public to influence political discourse, this isn’t a Christian value.

Lying and misrepresentation aren’t Christian values. It reminds me of a story in the Bible, where Abraham was promised a child with his wife. He didn’t trust in God and took matters into his own hands; look how that turned out. Likewise, those so-called Christians who despise abortion show just how much trust they have in God when they have to resort to lies and intentional attempts to deceive. This not only shows the hypocrisy, but the lack of faith by those who support it.

Some may still take these videos and this center at face value, which is fine. There are still some out there who would believe the Reichstag fire was started by communists. I would caution those who wish to push for political action based upon lies and deception of a religious group to look to history and the atrocities that start just like this. Look in your Bibles and read Isaiah 5:20 and remember that it doesn’t add, “unless you are using evil to go against something you dislike.” Lastly, remember that if and when fascism comes to America, it most likely will be carrying a cross. It’s incidents like this that remind me of just how wise that old quote is.