Letter: Questions for a Muslim presidential candidate

From: Fred Allman


One of the presidential candidates is being criticized for expressing doubts that a Muslim could be accepted as a presidential candidate. It may be politically incorrect, but I believe that Ben Carson may have a valid reason for his concern that a Muslim could be a candidate for the presidency. Of course our theoretical Muslim might be a moderate Muslim who accepts our principles and way of life and repudiates the Muslim fundamentalists and their terrorism.

Here are some of the questions I would ask our theoretical Muslim candidate:

  • Do you believe in and accept our Constitution and democracy?
  • Do you believe in the equality of women and their complete emancipation?
  • What is your attitude toward sharia law, the stoning of women who commit adultery, the cutting off of the hands of men who steal and other barbarisms?

The fact is, none of the religious fundamentalists would be capable of governing an enlightened modern nation because they are all living in the past. They have no understanding of the modern world and its problems.