Around Town – October 21

Orchids to …

• parents for bringing their children of all ages to church, as the task may be difficult, but the rewards will be great, from a St. Bartholomew parishioner.

• Sunrise Rotary members for picking up trash on a two-mile stretch of West State Road 46 on a frosty Saturday morning, from Lyn Morgan.

• Daden Lloyd and Ashley Norman for their recent engagement, from John Tinkey.

• Cummins Inc. for the awesome tour of Plant 1 and the Mac wheel, from Ronnie and Sheilla Allen.

• the person who found my postage stamps and returned them to the front desk at the post office.

• Brian at AT&T for all your help, from a happy customer.

• the veterans hospital, nurses, Covered Bridge Health Campus and everyone who had a part in taking care of my son, William E. Patterson Sr., before he passed away, from Jane Patterson.

• Officer Alyson Rech for an amazing tour of the police department, from your new friends in Cub Scout Pack 559’s Wolf Den.

• the person who wrote the article on Toys for Tots, as it was very well written, from Evelyn Garwood.

• the gentlemen who paid for my and my father’s dinner last Thursday night at a restaurant west of town.

• Troy Bishop for your 25-year anniversary with AT&T, from Loretta.

Onions to …

• parents who spell their kids’ names so weird that you can hardly tell what it is.

• the city for the traffic sensor on Waycross Drive at Taylor Road that is still not repaired.

• my employer for not addressing whether we are getting laid off and allowing rumors and speculation to run wild.

• mean old grumps.

• the squirrel that flips its tail and laughs while tormenting my dog.

• public defenders who don’t do their jobs.

• homeowners on the county road who set their garbage out in the road.

• churches whose music is too loud.

• those who approved the new wrecker site in Edinburgh.

• drivers who don’t turn right on red.

• the driver who was texting and almost smashed into me while I was sitting at a stoplight.

Happy Birthday to …

• Anna Krueger, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Diane Shuffitt, from Tina, John, John, Lauryn, Courtney, Canaan, Keighney and Jazmine.

• Joyce Williamson, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Thomas L. Ellison.

• Bethany Mize, from the Mize family.

• Macy Coers on No. 12, from Nana.

• Bill Hill, from the family.

• Carol Burton, from your hubby Ted and kids De, Sandy and Curt.

• Nancy Renshaw, from a friend.

• Sophia Ramirez, from Hector, Susan, Maria, KeiAndre, Nakia, Conner and Canden.

• Kyron and Colis, from grandma and grandpa.

• Jeremy Bridges, from Bethel Baptist Church.

Belated Wishes to …

• JoAnna Hooten, from Tim Hooten.

• Karson Wayne Kummer on No. 1, from “MeMaw” Brandy and “sissy” Allison.

• our grandson, Garritt Noble on No. 17, from Nene and Pap.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ben and Katie Newton.

• Paul and Carol Ashbrook.

• Don and Patsy Harris.

• Brent and Brenda McKinney.

• Carletta White on No. 38, from your husband Mark White.