Letter: Column misses point about community

From: Mike Zieles


In regard to the editorial column “Finding A Balance” by Tom Lane, it has a major volitional rationalization problem. The simplest explanation is that humans are built with a freedom of the self in mind. Yes, that free will has a desire for community and those within to be well, as one of many goals of the human self. His argument is unbalanced by making the community as if it were the same as a being of free will.

No, the free will has many needs, of which one is community. As for communities, he misses that there is the natural family, the faith groups, charity service organizations, businesses and government. In that order we move from closer communion to that human free will to those that have force over individuals. In other words, those groups that are more personally responsible, such as family and faith groups, are free-will collectives. The latter mentioned are the groups that can take serious force over the individual, and those are forced collectives.

The government is a forced collective. But today it is becoming a tyrant in opposition to what this nation was founded on. Today we have a mob mentality of populist rule, not all equal under law. Now people expect a force of the government, where loud, media-hyped community cult views need to be forced on everyone, and ostracize those not conforming. Religious Freedom Restoration Act anyone? This is made worse by the faithless (lacking reason) media persuasive speech.

Take the judicial fiat and hypocritical rulings: the Supreme Court of the United States rules the Defense of Marriage Act is not allowed, stating the federal government can’t define marriage, but then the Supreme Court rules the Supreme Court can now define marriage. That was never mentioned by the media because it fits their cult view. With the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, for example, no one casts aspersion to those CEOs claiming the opposite hyperbole they did.

They don’t want a doctor’s individual faith to be protected, so they cannot be sued/coerced/unlicensed if they don’t perform abortions, just because that CEO is against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

All force collectives inflicting their cult-volition on an individual or on their free-will collectives are never given notice. In Lane’s word, there is only one community reference, and that is one that has the full-forced collective of government authority. And that is the same unfortunate attitude of a majority in the media. The free-will, faith-charity communities he did not mention are the ones that lose when his ideal community gets bigger with each passing conquest.