Around Town – October 27

Orchids to …

• Don Ward and Butch Bland for all your help with the Arvin/Arvin Meritor reunion from Jeannie, Martha and Reva.

• Gene Engleking for his great leaf job, from the Marshalls.

• Rick Bush and the friendly employees at Bush’s Market for a wonderful, fun day as we learned about pumpkins and enjoyed cookies and spaghetti squash, from the Smith Elementary prekindergarten classes.

• the staff at Mark Pi’s restaurant for their impeccable service and making our family time special.

• everyone who came to our 25th annual chicken and noodle dinner Saturday night and for the volunteers who helped so much, from the congregation of Hartsville United Methodist Church.

• the Simmermakers for the ride Sunday evening, from a friend.

• Gene and Janice Griggs for opening your hearts and home to me, from Trina.

• Alan and Harriett Gillman for their continued help of people in Jennings and Bartholomew counties.

• the Rev. Charles Kennedy for being an awesome minister and mentor, from the congregation of Columbus Baptist Church.

• Hartsville United Methodist Church for the delicious chicken and noodle dinner Saturday night, from a satisfied customer.

• Columbus Baptist Church for hosting an awesome pastor appreciation day and meal, from a member.

• the great cooks at Hartsville Methodist Church, from Norma Mote.

• Mandy at the Marsh bakery for a fabulous decorated and delicious birthday cake, from Rosemary.

• Landmark Columbus for the great and informative walk of downtown Columbus to see the works of art.

• Mark Gorbett and Chris Ogle for being the only county council members with a true vision of future county government.

• Trynten W. Wicker for all A’s on your report card, from Nana.

• Mill Race Players’ Steven, John and Matt for an absolutely great performance of the “Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged),” which was fun.

Onions to …

• the vehicle drivers and school bus driver for cutting into the funeral procession Thursday, letting children off the bus along the way and delaying people getting to the graveyard.

• the Columbus business that did not call an ambulance for an employee who had fallen and broken a hip.

• another government handout to big apartment corporations when the small business landlord can’t get a break.

• employees who bring their personal lives to work and take it out on others.

• The Republic for not realizing that newspapers are easiest to read when black text is on a white background.

• the cashier who admitted she had the flu and should be home, yet risked sharing her illness with customers in line.

• Congressional Republicans for wasting more than $42 million in taxpayer money in eight different Benghazi hearings which found no smoking gun.

• the conservative Republican who read my Onion then blamed liberals and moderates for the direction of the county and conveniently forgot that almost all of the county’s elected officials are conservative Republicans.

• person who complained about business growth in Edinburgh.

• the clueless couple at the grocery store who think our service men and women don’t need our care packages or support and that the government will provide everything.

• The Republic for using green ink in the sports section.

• the Boy Scout troop approaching customers leaving the retail store.

• the local church for not working for the brotherhood of all mankind.

• the people of Columbus for not taking advantage of the far left turn lane on 10th Street, causing east-side traffic to back up unnecessarily.

• the newspaper for printing the picture of the Houston mayor.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carolynn Friddle, from your family, George and Donna.

• Aimiee Overshiner, from your family and Donna.

• Joe Loughrey, from your family and friends.

• Susan Hallgarth, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Blayne Burton, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ruth Johnson, from your co-workers.

• Donavan Schrougham, from Nana and your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Rick Austerman, from Betty and J.D.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Trey and Stacy Tapke, from Grandma Hege.