Around Town – October 28

Orchids to …

• Marsh grocery store for staffing the checkout lanes with real people, all day every day.

• the man in the navy-colored hat in the checkout line at Marsh for helping me buy my groceries, from an appreciative person who will pay it forward to someone in need.

• Robert Edwards for his letter explaining both how our country has overcome bigotry and intolerance in the past and how far we still have to go, from someone who agrees.

• Alan and Harriett Dillman for their continued help for people in Jennings and Bartholomew counties.

• the person who took my purse to the Kroger office after I left it in the shopping cart.

• Stacy Hege, a Columbus Transit driver, for her kindness to her riders, from a rider.

• Four Seasons Health Care Center for installing a new larger hot water heater in the north hall, from Mary.

• Scott of SAK Automotive for coming to our rescue Monday and getting our car started, from Cheryl and Andrea.

• Eddie Purnell for cleaning your neighbor’s leaves, from the Thompsons.

• Ray at FairOaks Mall for your help with our “stuff,” from the Columbus Corvette Club.

• Schmitt Elementary School staff for the birthday card, from Marnie Carr.

• the two young men who carried my desk from downstairs to upstairs on Saturday, from Evelyn Garwood.

Onions to …

• people who tailgate on dark, rainy roads.

• all of the haters of The Republic who should go read another newspaper if you aren’t happy because at least they are giving you a place to voice your opinion.

• those who play on Facebook all day and then wonder why they might be laid off.

• the person badmouthing people who supported a winning candidate from the primary after her candidate lost by almost two-to-one, blaming the loss on everything but her candidate’s own campaign and behavior.

• judgmental, mean-spirited people.

• officials who are looking for any excuse to close Greenbelt Golf Course, which provides exercise and enjoyment for many in Columbus, from a concerned citizen.

• those on Regency Drive who let five dogs chase us while we were riding our bikes as Columbus has leash laws, from the bike riders.

• the local elected official elected on the premise that his department would protect and serve county residents yet now wants to only serve if residents individually pay for the service.

• local utility for not replacing the antiquated water main on Indiana Avenue and have already dug up the new asphalt to repair a water leak.

• clueless liberals who refuse to hold Democrat candidates and officeholders responsible for the Benghazi slaughter of our ambassador and three other Americans, from a fed up conservative.

• blue car that nearly hit me in the shopping center parking lot who kept circling around to get to a handicapped parking spot.

• the town that will not fix alley potholes.

• the newspaper for printing the picture of the Texas mayor as we are not interested in what a mayor in Texas does.

• those who believe they are able to save themselves.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mason Dean Larrison on No. 11, from Dad and Anna.

• Janet Bullock, from your family, Bob and Donna.

• Connie Johnson, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Janet Bullock, from Jimmy, Hayley, Tanner, Charlie and Elijah.

• Shawn Miller, from Marian, Vicky, Shane, Tiara, Imogene, Paw Paw and the Kirby’s.

• Dad, from Zachary, Lyndsay and Weston.

• Nancy Nasby, from Elsie.

• Virgil Zeigler-Hill, from the family.

• Janice Gosser, from Darrell, Mae and family.

• Betty Vannice, from Mom and Dad Hitch and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Sam Hoy.

• Zack Wilson.

• Tara Jessee.

• Chris Whittington.

Belated Wishes to …

• Henry Meredith, from the Chapel of the Good Shepherd Church.

• Barbara Meredith, from the Chapel of the Good Shepherd Church.

• Deborah Ellison.

• Jason Stroup.

• Cathy Boch.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bill and Peggy Walker on No. 54, from family and friends.

Belated Wishes to …

• Eric and Sarah Pittman, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Michael and Heather Meredith.