Letter: Reporting on Walesboro project contorted

From: Nancy Warren


I have lived most of my 87 years in Columbus, and for the majority of those years, I subscribed to The Republic newspaper. Now, however, I am ending our association as I can no longer support in any way what has become the abuse of media power as demonstrated by you and certain writers on your staff.

As I read your coverage in Sunday’s edition of The Republic regarding Walesboro’s future, my reaction was dominated by a sense of disgust and disbelief as I read the irresponsible and contorted reporting of a situation of legitimate interest to our city and which could and should have been reported honestly and professionally. Clearly, The Republic has lost its sense of decency and fairness and has no qualms about using the power of the press for personal, business or political gain.

Please remove my name from your subscriber list and refund the remainder of my subscription.