Letter: Adding footgolf course would enhance facilities

From: Eric Riddle


Recently, the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department took over ownership of Greenbelt and Par 3 golf courses. With the courses now supported by tax dollars, it is time to consider options to generate more revenue from these public facilities.

My son and I recently played the 18-hole footgolf course that is integrated into the par 3 course at The Legends Golf Club in Franklin. We were delighted.

At the clubhouse, I spoke with an employee about the popularity of footgolf. Without doubt, he stated that it has increased usage of the course and been a profitable endeavor.

I encourage the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department to consider enhancing one or both of our publicly owned courses to become footgolf venues. Traditional golfers do not need to be alarmed, because the footgolf holes are safely located away from the normal greens.

The redesigned courses will attract new visitors, be a popular fundraising activity, introduce young people to the joy of golf and be profitable.

This is a serious plea to encourage innovative thinking. If Columbus can build pickleball courts at Donner Park, I know we can take this next step into the emerging sport of footgolf.

For more info, see indianafootgolf.com/courses.