Around Town – December 8

Orchids to …

• Lowe’s team Amber, Monty and Jon for going above and beyond in making things right, from a satisfied customer.

• Centra Credit Union on National Road for its exceptional customer service.

• David Ness for going the extra mile in making sure we had a generator for our float in the Festival of Lights parade, from a parade group.

• the floating Christmas tree on Taylor Road.

• Jess who bought three thankful ladies breakfast at Kramer’s on Sunday morning, from Dorothy, Rosie and Bert.

• the Festival of Lights committee for an awesome parade on Saturday.

• Columbus Transit for providing transportation home from the parade.

• Dan Taube for going out of his way to help a gentleman.

• The Living Room Church for the Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and for an awesome communion service on Sunday.

• those who put Orchids in the paper for good tidings of others.

• Cristina Eckert and Kathy Dell for the wonderful music at First United Methodist Church, from the Perrys.

• the carolers from St. Louis Crossing Independent Methodist Church for the enjoyable visit, from the May family.

• the Santa Claus who was on his motorcycle Sunday riding through town which put us all in the Christmas spirit and my grandkids really enjoyed it.

• The Elliotts for the dinner Friday night, from The Duncans.

• Amy Streeval for inviting me to the Gillman “Ladies Night Out,” as it was so much fun.

• the participants and members of the Columbus Meridian Kiwanis Club for the successful inaugural Santa 5K Run/Walk for Riley Children’s Hospital.

• Joann Wagner for having the red hats at her home for a Christmas party, from Barbara Herold.

• the JayC West Hill cake decorators for the lovely cakes for my dad, from Sharon Larson.

• Terry Hileman for winning the Reams Family Award for Excellence in Teaching, from a proud dad.

Onions to …

• school districts that appoint principals rather than have interviews to see all potential candidates.

• whomever stole the yard blowup Minions as my son saved up for those and loved them very much and he just wanted to decorate the yard for the neighbors.

• the rude worker at the parade who bad mouthed the driver pulling a float trying to get back into the parking lot.

• the rude people who stood out in the street during the Christmas parade, making it difficult for all the little children on the sidewalk to see.

• people who believe liberals are not for helping veterans when it has been Republicans that have blocked every VA funding bill since President Obama took office.

• all of the parade attendees who left their garbage on Washington Street.

• the health care facility that turns a blind eye to poor leadership.

• those in charge of traffic signal sensors that don’t work and get numerous Onions about them and still are not fixed.

• the person who wrote about allowing refugees into this county.

• anyone who voted for the president.

• all of the adults who stood in front of everyone on Saturday night at the Christmas parade, not allowing children, the handicapped and others to see who were seated.

• federal and state lawmakers who have a double standard and feel it is everyone’s right to carry a gun but yet won’t allow them in Congress or the Statehouse.

• people who don’t understand when something was placed in the garbage it was meant to be in the garbage.

• those who built the bonfire at the cemetery, as it was very rude.

Happy Birthday to …

• Irene Johnson on No. 100, from your children.

• Chris McCord, from your family.

• Georgia Hudec, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Zoe Curd, from Grandma Jean.

• Dale Burris, from Patty, Wayne, Sarah, Ronnie, Paige, Matt, Lisa, Katie, Ethan, Terry, Ginger and Mom.

• Dorothy Praylor, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• James Illig.

• Nathan Downey.

• Teresa Hedrick.

• Martha Broady.

• Bailey Shoultz on No. 5, from Mammy McClintic, Mommy, Benny, Mamaw and PaPaw Barnes, Nanny and Pappy Shoultz, Jason, Tony, Brian, Aurora, Torrie, Tom and Kayleigh.

Belated Wishes to …

• Betty Johnson, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Valerie Ruffin, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Keith and Rose Bode, from Bob and Jeri.

• Susie and Dave Prather on No. 35, from Diana Davidson.

• Ted and Linda Finke.