Around Town – December 11

Orchids to …

• David Ness for going the extra mile to make sure our group had a successful Festival of Lights event. You are very much appreciated, from a parade group.

• John at Bob Poynter Columbus for your sincere contribution to Lonnie’s funeral expenses as you are a wonderful person, from Lonnie Clymer’s family.

• the lady in the silver Jeep for buying my breakfast and wishing me Merry Christmas this morning at the McDonald’s drive-thru, as it made my day, from the man in the white pickup truck.

• Priscilla Scalf for all her hard work as Bartholomew County Democratic Central Committee chairperson as her efforts are much appreciated.

• Columbus Moose Lodge for its very generous contributions to the pediatric unit, from the CRH Pediatric Unit.

• Nancy and Ron Spurgeon and Orletta for the wonderful Christmas open house you had for the Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hats, from Marilyn Crouch.

• Kristin Whittington for the beautiful poinsettias, from Aunt Mary and Aunt Elsie.

• Alexa for helping get my laundry started at the Warsh House, from Sandy.

• Legends Beauty Salon for its beautiful Christmas tree and other decorations.

• Lois Patterson for all of her many kindnesses, from the neighbors in Talley Square.

• Amy Henderson-Chandler for the beautiful bald eagle photo, it was absolutely perfect.

• all the carolers from Lakeview Church of Christ for a great job singing Monday night. I loved it, from Marsha Pedigo.

• the ladies from First Christian Church for an awesome visit Wednesday afternoon, from Linda Harden.

• Dia of Kohl’s department store for assisting me with my shopping Tuesday, from Mary.

• R. Andrew Robertson for his excellent letter to the editor, from Mark.

• the lady who paid for my meal at Sirloin Stockade on Wednesday night.

• people who realize Jesus, Mary and Joseph were also refugees.

Onions to …

• the car dealership that closed the car wash.

• the big retail store that only had two cashiers at each end with about 20 customers in line at each.

• the big local store for not checking a lady out with all jewelry in the jewelry department, and said it had to be fine jewelry, from a very unsatisfied customer.

• people who gamble their money away then gripe about the cost of living and their medical bills.

• people who need to mind their own business about who others vote for.

• the large department store which has poor customer service and many coupons which are basically useless.

• people who did not vote and to those who voted for the president.

• drivers on the interstate who always insist on traveling in the left lane and won’t move over as others come up behind them.

• the newspaper carrier who can’t get the papers here on time.

• the local restaurant waitress who left my carry-out food on the bar to get cold.

• to those for tearing down the barns on Rocky Ford Road.

Happy Birthday to …

• Angel Link, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ester Barnsfather, from John, Tina and all the family.

• Kimberly Estep.

• Keith Gilbert, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Abby McFall, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Nancy Carter, from your family and Donna.

• Adam Sweet.

• Abby Irvine.

• Ava Jones, from Teresa Craig, Natasha, Brenda, Bryson and the rest of your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Jimmy Green, from Dad, Mom, Lisa, Bryan and Crystal.

• Rosie Morrin on No. 3, from Aunt Norma Gentry.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Chuck and Linda Crossland on No. 45, from your church family.

• Terry Crossland on No. 45, from Linda.