Yes, Taylor Manley understands that figure skating requires grace and a fluid, lyrical beauty.

But it also requires a determination and toughness. She proved she possesses more than enough of both of those elements this spring when she injured her foot in the annual Lincoln Center Skate Club’s spring ice show — and kept performing anyway.

“I was determined to finish,” she said.

Afterward, she discovered she sustained a fracture — and was in a boot and on crutches for several weeks while recovering to continue an activity where she has shone. Manley had advanced to regional figure skating competition four times and qualified for showcase nationals twice.

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“But I feel like this is one of the hardest sports out there,” she said. “At school, I say that all the time, especially to the hockey players.”

Briefly describe your daily/weekly workout routine.

Figure skating five days a week, before school as early as 6:30 a.m. and also after school.

What inspired you to begin a regular fitness routine?

I obviously had to learn the basics early, but it came quickly.

About Taylor Manley

Age: 13.

City: Columbus.

Student: Seventh grader at Northside Middle School.

Family: Parents Steve Manley, whom she credits as a big encourager, and Robin Costoplos of Columbus. Siblings Hope and Jayden Manley and A.J. McClean.

Where you work out: Hamilton Center Ice Arena in Columbus as a figure skater.

Hours per week: 9 hours, including running on weekends near her home.

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