Letter: Chickens better neighbors than many dogs

From: Lowell Daffron


With a bit of tongue in cheek, I felt I had to respond to the headline in Sunday’s paper titled “A Fowl Situation.” I chuckled because my mind began to compare the pros and cons of chicken versus many hairy creatures that invade our lawns.

Chickens do not defecate nearly as large as a dog, coyote, fox or deer, definitely in city limits. Chickens do not bark half the night like some dogs do. I have never seen chickens roll in feces or dead things like dogs do. Dogs don’t lay eggs. I’ve never heard of a chicken biting the back side of your leg or any other place. Chickens do not need pounds paid for by the taxpayer. They don’t wet your tires.

But to impose a fine for having a few chickens treated like pets or better than some, in your yard well fenced in, poses the question: Where have we gone wrong? This man likes his chickens and eggs, which he shares with neighbors. He seems like a good man to me! I chose dogs only for comparison, and are truly animals. The ordinance quoted, somehow, grades chickens as animals!