Historic remake

Building owners Jean Donica and Annette Donica Blythe turned a 115-year-old former tack shop and warehouse at 301 N. First St., on the edge of downtown Columbus, into a stunning office building for RE/MAX.

Built with the expertise of local architect Louis Joyner, they achieved spectacular results. The 6,500-square-foot building still has a historic look on the exterior, but a modern look inside to meet current needs.

Just as important, the renovation breathed new life into a piece of Columbus history, ensuring that it will play a functional role for years to come. Kudos to the mother and daughter for reusing the building in a beneficial way.

Leadership recognition

Part of the life cycle of a community is the emergence of new generations of leaders. Columbus residents have a chance to help identify and honor those who comprise the next group locally.

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The Columbus Young Professionals this month is launching a next generation leadership program, sponsored by the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. The monthly nomination program identifies leaders in three categories: life, community and work — the same three ways Columbus Young Professionals uses to engage young professionals.

Residents may nominate young professionals online at columbusyp.org, and the program kickoff at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the chamber’s office, 500 Franklin St., is open to the public. The program is a nice way to get people involved and thinking about local leadership — which ultimately is beneficial for the community.

Nice additions

The Cabaret at The Commons series enjoyed success in its first year. It opened to a sold-out crowd last January and drew so well at its February and March shows that a fall season was added, with shows in August and November. The challenge of a good start is to keep it going.

Expanded offerings for the second year represent a good step. The series, created through the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, will have one show per month from January through May, thanks to the suggestions of audience members. Also, plated meals with desserts have been added, giving attendees more food options than just appetizers.

The changes will provide more opportunities to catch Broadway stars and other talented performers, and should enhance the experience for audience members. That’s a great way to help the series increase in popularity.