Letter: GOP to blame for opportunities lost

From: Michael Greven


As a voter for the past 40 years I have had the opportunity to experience a number of presidencies. The Obama presidency, however, cuts the cake.

I am tired of paying $1.80 at the pump for fuel and completely beside myself that the unemployment rate is a horrible 5 percent. What really bugs me is the low inflation rate and the fact that a president finally decided to do something in order to make health care affordable for those of lesser means. I mean, how stupid can one get? To heck with the 22 million people who now have insurance.

What really cuts the cake though was the insistence that the mileage rate for vehicles be raised a number of years ago. They should have just shut down the car plants all over the country because none of them were capable of meeting those new standards. I mean, imagine, 2015 was the best year of car sales in 16 years for all of the American car manufacturers. How did such a lame group succeed in building good-looking, fuel-efficient vehicles? I was sure Obama had done us in.

My appreciation for Obama has been further eroded as he wastes time dealing with the inconsequential climate issue. It would have been far smarter for him to stick with the two or three climate deniers than to consider working toward improving the odds for future generations. He should have been talking to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz who is going to pray his way to solving this problem. That pandering little feller is a hypocrite if I ever heard one. Let future generations figure out their own problems as they get to them.

Probably the issue that has me the maddest is his ridiculous effort to reduce the number of people dying from gun violence here in the U.S.: 30,000 lives per year is what the FBI says. What do they know? And what does that matter anyway? I am going to have my gun to protect me and my family. Who cares that you can buy an AK-47 without any kind of a check? The last fool who tried to control that, Reagan was his name, didn’t stop the control of semi-automatics either, so Obama may as well give that up.

We have been really lucky to have had the stellar intellect of former House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell representing the Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate to control Obama. They are some of the smartest and most helpful people Obama could have had to work with.

The real shame when you reflect on Obama’s past seven years is the opportunities that were lost to further improve this country due to McConnell and Boehner’s insatiable desire for power. The loser in this madness has been the American people. By extension, the venom and lies in the current Republican campaign are the nexus of belligerent arrogance and ignorance and clearly expose the small-mindedness of the Republican Party leadership.