Around Town – January 22

Orchids to …

• Columbus Fire Department for responding quickly at Fairington Apartments and for being prepared to help evacuate if needed, from Andrea Boyd.

• Barry and Hannah Grimes for shoveling the snow from our drive and sidewalks as you are loved and appreciated, from Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad).

• Mayor Jim Lienhoop for a strong start to fulfilling the overwhelming and unambiguous mandate he received from the residents of Columbus.

• the kind person who shoveled my front walk and cleared the end of my driveway at 23rd Street and Home Avenue, from Judy Kiesow.

• Mary Ellen Gossman at the Bartholomew County Courthouse for all your work, energy and effort in finding all the legal papers for me, from Nancy.

• Herb B. for clearing the snow from my driveway, from Frank.

• Tim Goodwin for clearing our front and back sidewalks as you’re the best, from Carol, Dick and Tootsie.

• Todd and Harley Gant for clearing our driveway and helping with the streets in our neighborhood, from the Mackeys.

• Carl Kane for cleaning my drive off with your snowblower as I appreciate it much and you are a great neighbor, from Martha Kinser.

• Developmental Services Inc. for hosting our first of, hopefully, many to come, Red Cross Blood Drive this week.

• Jimmy John’s on National Road, Tropical Smoothie and Orange Leaf Yogurt for your generous contributions in supporting our Red Cross Blood Drive donors at DSI this week as your support helped save lives, from Developmental Services Inc.

• Calvary Community Church for hosting a film screening of “Selma” for local youth.

• Sterling Garage Doors, Peggy, Dave and employees for always being ready to help me when I am in a garage door crisis, from Cindy.

• Jeff and Jerry on Queensbury for clearing my driveway, from Ethel.

• the two young ladies delivering Meals on Wheels who offered to shovel my two-car driveway Thursday morning.

• Dave on Woodlane Drive for cleaning our driveway, from your appreciative neighbors.

• Roger Gillespie and his two grandsons from Columbus Baptist Church for cleaning off my driveway, from Evelyn Jewell.

• the man in Hope who cleared several blocks of Main Street on Thursday morning, from Carol.

• James Goddard for being an awesome all-around gentleman.

• the nice UPS driver in Elizabethtown who took down the heavy tote for the elderly lady.

• all those who work on 3 Tower and X-ray at Columbus Regional Hospital for their kindness and concern when my husband Ralph was in the hospital, from Gloria.

• Bob Fox for cleaning off my driveway on Dawnshire Drive, from Maude.

• my neighbor, Bobby Jeffries, for plowing my drive, from Betty Shaw.

• the person who plowed the snow on the people trails.

• Paul Younger for being so kind and courteous about the snow, from Martha.

• Ray King from Columbus Free Methodist Church for his assistance in snow removal, from a disabled person.

• the police departments for all the drug related arrests and making our city safer.

• Chad Sims for cleaning the neighbor’s driveway, from Dorothy and Earl.

• a newly elected official for attracting talented, experienced employees and for recognizing their contributions with appropriate compensation, from Cindy Frey.

• the kind person who cleared my driveway on Wednesday on Coovert Street.

Onions to …

• those who are closing a well-traveled highway for the unreasonable period of eight months, forcing motorists to use one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway, Interstate 65 between Columbus and Seymour, presenting even more danger to motorists and their passengers.

• the former elected official, now a private resident, who won’t move on, accept they are no longer in that position and let the new official do their job.

• the local medical facility for not providing medical insurance and other benefits for retirees.

• people who send anonymous mail to others attacking them instead of going face to face to the individual whom they are attacking.

• the person who complained about no coverage of the conference swim meet Saturday when both conference swim stats were on Page D2 of Sunday’s paper.

• The Republic for editing the Onions and I believe changing their intended meaning.

• the four cars that went through the red stop light at Jonathan Moore Pike and Carr Hill Road on a snowy Wednesday morning.

• people who take jobs with the disabled and then don’t understand the needs of the disabled person.

• able-bodied people who are too lazy to clear the snow but then complain when the mail and newspaper are delivered late.

• The Republic for the obituaries photos where everyone’s heads were cropped.

• whoever approved the salaries listed on Page A6 of The Republic on Jan. 21, as it’s thoroughly absurd to pay that kind of money for management for a town this small.

• people who think it’s OK to make fun of ugly people when it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

• the basketball coach for his lack of consideration and understanding of the game, for talking down to players and making examples out of them in front of their peers.

• the downtown business owners who did not clear sidewalks after the recent snowfall.

• people who are dishonest and keep money that is not theirs.

• the neighbor who called animal officials because my Labrador was outside for 15 minutes and didn’t want to come in — which is fine because he has thick fur.

• the snow removal company that plowed everyone’s snow except for an elderly couple that couldn’t get out to shovel their drive, and did not offer to come back and finish the job.

• the city and county for terrible jobs as we need better help before the snow gets really bad.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeff Bruner.

• Rolland Fivecoat on No. 86, from your family.

• Alivia Kellems, from your family and Donna.

• Brenda Oden, from your family and Donna.

• Ashley McDonald, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Brittany Piercefield, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Abby Titus on No. 13, from Daddy and Emily.

• Emily Nelson from Mrs. Erickson

• Granny Tammy Elkins, from Gavin, Annie Kay and Sophia.

• Karissa Begis, from Grandma Jean.

• Sissy Davis, from your sis Juanita Davis.

• Bobby D. Keller, from your bingo buddies, Randy Franklin and John Tinkey.

Belated Wishes to …

• Lisa Harden, from Melissa, Vicki, Dallas, Tina, Juan, Amanda, Linda and Ashley.

• Betty Misner.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Brent and Abbie Wirick, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

ANOTHER beautiful morning