Letter: Include sexual orientation, gender identity in civil rights laws

From: Cathy Caldie


Celebrating civil rights and equality for all this week with MLK events in Columbus was important and inspiring to not let history repeat itself. It reminded me of how important our civil rights are and why citizens should know about Senate Bill 100, a 20-page bill that is being introduced in the Statehouse soon.

Indiana already has an existing civil rights law that protects “a person’s race, color, religion, disability, familial status or national origin.”  To discourage discrimination and to secure equal rights for all, Freedom Indiana, the LGBT community and friends are asking to update this law by simply including four words and a comma …”sexual orientation, gender identity.”

Don’t Republicans support less government intervention and want simplification? Passing a 20-page piece of legislation seems contradictory to their platform and beliefs. SB 100 also would negate Columbus’ and other cities’ human rights ordinances.

We need Indiana to be a more welcoming place to live and work, a state that values all individuals and provides equal rights under the law.

Please contact your senator and representative, be it Greg Walker or Brent Steele and Milo Smith. Ask them to oppose Senate Bill 100 and to simply update our existing civil rights law, to make it more inclusive by adding four words and a comma.