Senior profile: Braden Hammond

Braden Hammond

Age: 18

School: Columbus North High School

Who are your parents, grandparents and siblings?

Parents are Jason and Janeen Hammond, and siblings are Emi, Ensley, Aaron, Ada, Talmage, Callie and Zadie.

Which elementary and middle school/junior high did you attend?

I attended Southside Elementary and Central Middle School.

What is your favorite class or part of the school day and why?

Calculus 3 is my favorite class because it’s an integral part of my life.

In which extracurricular activities, including music, sports and clubs — do you participate?

Show choir, jazz ensemble, cross-country, track, men’s volleyball.

When you’re not in school, where is your favorite place to be and why?

My favorite place would be on a run with my buds.

What has been your greatest high school memory so far and why?

Hanging out with Mrs. Kim in the counseling center. She’s pretty funny.

What are you looking forward to after graduation and why?

Going on a two-year mission for church. It’s making a difference.

Who in your life has inspired you or whom do you look up to and why?

My dad, he has always been my role model.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during or from high school?

The English language is hard, but it can be understood through tough, thorough, thought and though.

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