Around Town – February 8

Orchids to …

• the Columbus North boys swim team for the great job you did timing, running results, playing music and supporting your girls team at the girls sectional swim meet on Saturday, from Mrs. Addis.

• Hickory Creek Nursing Home for all you do for my mom, Ruby. You are the greatest.

• Ken Fudge for making us all realize we fell for another snake oil salesman.

• Columbus North girls and boys varsity basketball teams for an awesome season, from John Tinkey.

• Bruce and Pat Dailey for being awesome friends, from a disabled friend.

• Charles and Jackie Marvin for being awesome friends to a disabled person.

• all of your friends and family, from the Green family.

Happy Birthday to …

• Crystal Shaw.

• Don Roberts, from your family and Donna.

• Ruth Ann Ponsler, from your family and Donna.

• Sheila Cox, Love, Annie Elkins.

• Mamaw Sheila, Love, Josh Elkins.

• Donna Kuhlman, from Pat and Mike.

• Beverly Brown, from Russ, Trent, Brandon, Heather, Allison, Jackson, Dad, Mom and the rest of the family.

• Theodore B. Tapke, from Grandma Hege.

• Jonathan Tittus.

• Britanie Wallace.

• Tori N. Tucker.

• Elliana Cole.

• Odean Hjelter.

• Lucia Villalobos hope it rocks your socks, from CTC Supply Chain Team.

• Sarah Ballman, from Uncle J.B., Aunt Jeanette, Rita, Karen, Debbie, Wayne and the rest of the Freeman family.

• Happy Belated Birthday to…

• Gabe Schoettmer, from Grandma Joan and Grandma Jean.

• Marjorie Clouse Hull.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• J.B. and Jeanette Freeman on No. 57 from your kids, Rita, Karen, Debbie, Wayne and the rest of your family.