Around Town – February 19

Orchids to …

• the kind gal at Garland Brook Cemetery for going above and beyond to get me in the right direction, from Amari Arrangements.

• Tyler at Renner Ford for fixing my Ford Explorer on Thursday morning, from Holly Brown.

• Mrs. Cave for going above and beyond to help find a lost item, from a Smith student.

• the lady at Walmart west who helped me find rubber toddler panties.

• Bob Evans, for your kindness and thoughtfulness in our time of need, from John and Dorothy.

• Dr. Guffey and nurse Paige at Columbus Regional Hospital for stitching me up and listening to my bad jokes, from Dennis Brooks.

• the three patriots who paid for my breakfast Sunday at Waffle House west, from Don.

• the nursing staff for doing such a great job at Willow Crossing.

• Jean Patrick for the cards she sends on holidays to me, from Linda Cutrell.

• Pat Emerson, Darlene Bricker, Beverly Bishop, Ashley Holzhausen and Sue Ellen Brown for cookies and deliveries to shut-ins on Valentine’s Day, from First United Methodist Church, Linda and Lisa.

• Valerie Sarber for taking such good care of me, from Linda Cutrell.

• the wonderful lady on Home Avenue who recovered my 15-year-old dog, from Cindy and Gabby.

Onions to …

• local government for pouring tenfold the taxpayer money to lure new businesses to Columbus when we’re at record low unemployment and businesses all over can’t fill current positions.

• the high school coach who berates the players on social media.

• the person no longer in office who simply needs to move on, take a deep breath and let it go.

• those who don’t clean up after their dogs.

• The Republic for misspelling the word coroner in a letter to the editor from the sheriff.

• local church that does not treat the poor fairly.

• the horrible band last Saturday night.

• the gentlemen at the coffee place who went to the other end of the line so he could get his coffee before the rest of us who were waiting in line.

• those for suggesting County Road 600E as an unofficial detour during the closure of U.S. 31 as a portion of that road is narrow with many hidden driveways and hill crests.

• those for suggesting Jackson County Road 1300E to U.S. 50 as an unofficial detour during the closure of U.S. 31 as the road ends before reaching U.S. 50.

• the public official for not making public safety his number one priority.

• people who throw their trash in dumpsters they are not supposed to use.

• those who broke into my garage and then left the back door open, letting my elderly dog out to get lost.

Happy Birthday to …

• Orville K. Fleetwood on No. 90, from family and friends.

• Cordell Turpin, from your family.

• both Sheryl and Sherry Alyea, from Maddie Sluggo.

• Shirley Lewis, from Bob, Jeri and Larry.

• Barbara Tuner, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Michael Cummins, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Kevin Douglas, from Rhonda, Rodney, Tasha, Brianna, Lilly and Eric.

• Albert and Bradlee Reinbold on No. 20, from Dad, Mom and Mas.

• Mary E. Meredith, from Adam, your parents, grandma and grandpa Hjelter.

• Kerrie Breeden from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Erica Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Matt Robertson.

• Lynn Artis.

• Madison Wood.

• Amelia Hill.

• Amy Anderson.

• Mary E. Meredith.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joe and Debra Chandler, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.