Around Town – March 9

Orchids to …

• the kind and patient man working at the landfill who dug my keys out of the compactor Monday.

• the people in the van in front of me on Terrace Lake Road about 6 p.m. Monday who stopped to check on the loose little black dog.

• Tim Coriden and the St. Bartholomew Athletic Committee for all they have done for our student athletes this year.

• Charlotte Straub for being a dear friend, taking me to the doctor and stopping by a pharmacy for me, from Ethel.

• our granddaughter, Savannah Morris, on a terrific job on your dance competition in Kentucky and we are so proud of you, from the Raffertys.

• the gentlemen from Crew Car Wash who cleared my broken glass at Aldi, from Diana A.

• Lee-Anna Watson for the flowers and the wonderful blanket, from Grammy.

• all our amazing AmeriCorps members who serve our community with dedication and open hearts. This is AmeriCorps Week and we salute you. From Alyssa, Anne and everyone at United Way.

• Meals-on-Wheels drivers from Mill Race Center for always delivering in all kinds of weather and always being pleasant.

Onions to …

• The Republic for the lack of coverage on local runners, both in cross-country and track and field.

• anyone who thinks Yogi Ferrell should not be Big Ten Player of the Year.

• all those people in the Onions column who are calling attention to Hillary Clinton’s book.

• The Republic for still displaying a banner picture of the girls state champs on its website, because that is over a year old.

• people who overuse the word “amazing.”

• the owners of all the cats running loose on Dellasburg Road.

• the people who park on Midway Street and throw their cigarette butts in the grass and on the pavement.

• the reckless woman in the silver Honda on State Road 46 West who was trying to turn on Goeller.

• the man who does a terrible job at hauling.

• those who don’t realize the importance of the State of the City address and turning it into a circus.

• people who practice character assassination of public officials and others on social media and then expect to have their concerns addressed at public meetings as if they had no agenda.

• those who know the tragic results of addiction but are willing to risk early death anyway.

• the person whose Take Your Best Shot photo of sun rays that published Monday was taken while driving.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dena Schafstall, from Bob, Jeri and Bob.

• Julia Grace Laur, from Nana and Grandpa Miller.

• Jadynn Cox on No. 6, from Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Teigan and Kamryn.

• Barry Medaris, from Tonia, Reagan and Sophie.

• Aunt Neta, from Christopher.

• Jonah Rafferty, from Mom, Dad and Xavior.

• Jim Hamilton, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Barbara Johnson, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Todd Acton.

• Jon Lawson.

• Pauline Fox on No. 90, from your family.

• Michelle DuLong, from Aunt Pam, Jeremy, Josh, Kevin and the rest of your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Christopher Zeigler, from Mom, Barry and Reagan.

• Josh Regan, from Lindsey, your family and neighbors.

• Stacy Knapp, from Pat and Mike.

• Clay Marthin, from Rita, Mom, family and friends.

• Tessa Hirons, from your family and Donna.

• Kelly Wasilewski, from you co-workers.

• Brad Covert, from your family and co-workers.

• Deena Bratcher, from your family and co-workers.

• Bob Bullock, from your family and Donna.