Grease fire in mobile home injures woman

A Taylorsville area resident suffered burns to her hand after using water on a grease-covered pan that was on fire.

The incident in Heritage Heights occurred at about 9:46 p.m. Tuesday, according to a news release from the German Township Fire Department.

Although first responders arrived to find the mobile home in the 6800 block of Fremont Drive was full of smoke, the fire was contained to the area of the kitchen sink, the release stated.

The woman took her dog outside after she began warming up cooking grease in a pot on the stove, and she returned to find the grease was on fire, the release stated.

The victim was burned when she moved the pan to the sink and turned on the water, causing more flames and the burns to her hand, according to the release.

While the woman was treated at Columbus Regional Hospital, the burns were described as minor, the release stated.

Since the victim also was treated at the scene by paramedics, German Township officials cited federal patient privacy laws for not identifying the woman.

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