Letter: County litter problem troublesome

From: Patrick Griffin


The time has come to ask your assistance in bringing the problem of litter to the attention of Bartholomew County and the city of Columbus.

Our property, which lies on the southwest corner of State Road 58 and County Road 525S, is habitually trashed with litter. I am sick and tired of having to clean up the ditch all along our property, 1/4 mile in length from our mailbox to the corner of 58 and 525S. My mother (85) and my father (deceased) have lived there for over 40 years. I see no excuse for people to be allowed to trash my parents’ property, my property, with their filthy garbage and trash.

Please note that litter is all along both sides of State Road 58 from Interstate 65 past County Road 525S. It is also on the north side of County Road 525S, even in front of the Ogilville Volunteer Fire Department. I believe it is the same people doing this. I continually find blue-and-white Styrofoam cups, same brand beer cans, liquor bottles, Marlboro black cigarette wrappers, food bags from Golden Corral Buffet (probably Seymour), Burger King, McDonald’s, even Starbucks coffee cups, to name a few.

Further, the litter is also on the opposite side of the road. I suspect that those responsible are making purchases at the gas stations at I-65 and State Road 58 plus the old Smith’s Grocery in Ogilville. It is also possible those responsible are factory workers, neighbors, contractors and others commuting from homes around and near our property. Passersby have seen me picking up the trash, and some have even stopped to comment; others just look and keep on going. To date no one has ever offered to help me.

Now add this to it. A few years ago, the county came by and mowed down about 10 rows of our corn, stating that motorists had complained they couldn’t see the road from the intersection. That cost my parents money. So why isn’t the county picking up the trash off the same area 10 to 15 feet from State Road 58 into our property? Why are people allowed to post signage on the telephone poles and on our corner again at State Road 58 and County Road 525S?

Last, I can see no reason whatsoever for people to simply throw their trash out their vehicle onto private property. I am appalled with their ignorance and total disregard of other people’s property. The litter problem has reached critical mass all over the county. I am sick of seeing it and, above all, picking it up.