Court news – March 27

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Personal Finance Co. vs. Jodie R. Coomer, 31st Street, $1,597.72; Gregory McKay, Jewell Street, $3,167.10; David B. Hammack, East 25th Street, $1,609.15; and Samuel Ramos Joachin, Keller Avenue, $1,578.42.

Debbie Aldridge, Wilson Street, vs. Joshua Dean Aldridge and Stephanie Nicole Christian, Columbus, complaint for eviction.

Bruce Sigman vs. John and Kelly Fife, Hope, $6,000 and eviction.

Elmer Dwight Turner, Breckenridge Drive, vs. Harold Rowing, Breckenridge Drive, complaint for eviction.

Christie and Fran Harrison, Trafalgar, vs. Lisa Weekly, Sycamore Street, $6,000 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Aaron Jackson, Lafayette Avenue, $440 and eviction.

Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall vs. Russell C. Bruner Jr., Shelbyville, $2,091.93.

Aaron’s Sales and Leasing vs. James McMillian, $1,500; Kristen Adams, South County Road 525W, $1,500.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Norman and Pamela Maddox and Shirley Brown, Elizabethtown, complaint to obtain vehicle title; and Dave O’Mara Contractor and Gary Seuber, North Vernon, complaint to obtain vehicle title.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Ruben Lomax, Clairmont Drive, $1,649.98.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Melanie Pal, Village Drive, $2,074 and eviction.

Cavalry SPV I vs. Roger and Rebecca Mouser, East 25th Street, $2,877.22.

John F. Vinson, Offshore Drive, vs. Batteries & Bulbs, National Road, $130.

Jamey Reed, 25th Street, vs. Chris Purdy, Orinoco Avenue, $1,715 and eviction.

Kent and Cathy Molen, Aspen Lane, vs. Melissa Harris, Columbus, $300.

State Farm Insurance Co. vs. Ares H. Ares, Louisville, Kentucky, and Mardon Trucking, Darien, Illinois, $4,978.41.

Laurel Walls, Rogers Street, vs. Russell Alltop, Dawson Street, $2,800 and eviction.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Cindy and Albert Burris, Edinburgh, $315 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Gerald and Daphnie Taylor, North Country Brook Court, $1,095.32 and eviction.

Elkland Hills Estate, North Huffer Road, vs. Brandon Kielbasa, East County Road 265N, $1,650 and eviction.

Thomason, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie vs. Jovita Mendoza, North National Road, $2,144.72; and Mark D. Kidwell, Brentridge Court, $500.