Around Town – March 31

Orchids to …

• the wonderful Parkside sixth-grade parents who donated food, supplies and time to make the 2016 Medieval Fair a success.

• local law enforcement and residents for cooperating to enforce traffic laws against the many unlawful drivers around Columbus.

• Kevin at Frank Anderson Tire for the extraordinary customer service this week.

• Rusty Downey, Ben and Carri Marthaler, Dr. Greg Baer and Hope Vet Clinic staff for your help and caring for my sweet Sophie who passed away.

• Lynda Huebschman for taking the time to take me to Columbus Regional Hospital for a surgical procedure and staying with me afterward, as you are a special friend.

• Ron Shadley for his moral and ethical campaign conduct, from a county voter.

• Anna and Roy for allowing me to use your phone and getting to know you better on Good Friday when I locked my purse and keys in my running car, from Brooke.

• the person who turned in the bright umbrella on Easter Sunday at the movie theater, from Saundra.

• Burger King on the west side of town for hot, delicious food which only took three minutes to get.

• The Republic for Farm Indiana magazine.

• Brenda Shireman at the county extension office for the awesome job you do with our newsletter, from the Bartholomew County Extension Homemakers.

• Sharon Wheeler for all the kind things you have done for me while I’ve had a problem lately, from your friend Jan.

• Sam at work who reads the Orchids and Onions to us everyday at lunch.

• Jacob Strietelmeier and congratulations for qualifying for the National Geographic State Bee semifinals, from Mom, Dad, Mimis and Pawpaws.

• Cathy and Jessica at Bartholomew County Public Library for their support and kindness, from C.R.

• Karen K. for taking such good care of me yesterday at CRH’s outpatient center and for cutting my grass as you’re a great friend.

• Melody at Walgreens photo department for all the great help in copying pictures, from a satisfied customer.

• Larry Adams for mowing my grass on Wednesday as it is much appreciated and you did a great job, from Linda.

Onions to …

• bosses who can’t see or just don’t care about the low morale at work.

• the cemetery that needs to mow and has gotten too picky with its rules.

• those not holding elected officials to a higher standard.

• the city administration for giving Columbus yet another black eye.

• the person who is complaining about a first-world problem concerning all of those who mowed their grass on Easter Sunday when there are more pressing issues going on in the world.

• people who send Orchids to themselves.

• people who walk their dogs and can’t keep them out of the neighbors’ yards.

• medical facility that treated my headache as a heart attack.

• those who look into neighbors’ windows when they should look another direction.

• those who complain about the Onions but continue to call them in.

• the school that does not follow the menu and has boiled potatoes instead of french fries.

Happy Birthday to …

• Charles R. Wells III.

• Dorothy Mason, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Skyler Collins on No. 13, from Mom, Greg, Leilah, Nana, Papa in Heaven, Grammy and the rest of the family.

• Harold Shoultz, from Clifty Creek Golf Course.

• Payton Jones.

• Wes Thayer.

• Greg Hill.

• Eric Elkins.

• Tammy Shaw.

• Tasha Dulong, from Randy, Tobi, Logan, Danny, Robin and Judy.

• Martha Grinstead, from Jerry, Carman, Ryan and Hilary.

• Harold Shoultz, from someone who used to live in Azalia.

Belated Wishes to …

• Curt Fulp, from Bethel Baptist Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Frank and Violet Lindsey, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.