Letter: Norm Curry

From: Norm D. Curry


We need new, skilled county commissioners to get Bartholomew County out of the financial mess that came to a head this past budget session. That is why I am recommending Susan Thayer Fye to replace our District 1 commissioner who has held that position for 24 years.

Susan has lived in Bartholomew County her whole life, raising her four children here. She has been active in St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for 35 years. She has the right education, the right experience, the right skills and is definitely the right person at this time in our history.

Susan graduated from Indiana University with an undergraduate degree in accounting (with a minor in computer science) and a Master of Business Administration degree. She held an accounting position at Duke Energy and has worked at our local hospital in accounting and financial management. She is a successful entrepreneur, having started and built Fye Rentals, which rents well-maintained properties, as well as owning two farms in the county with family members.

In contrast with the current 24-year incumbent, Susan has a strong work ethic and financial and entrepreneurial skills. She also has been successful in all her business ventures and community activities. Likewise, because of her prior success, she does not need this part-time job for the $33,000 per year salary or the $25,000 per year in health care benefits that the commissioners pay themselves from our tax dollars. Her sole goal in running is to work for the people of the county. Her skills are what we now need. She will spearhead the development of short- and long-term financial goals necessary to move Bartholomew County from the current 1900s management style into an operating mode suitable for the 21st century.

Susan explains how she will approach being a commissioner as follows: “I want to work so every cent of taxpayer money is spent wisely, fairly and inclusively. I want to ensure that every square foot of county owned or leased space is efficiently utilized. I want the county employees to know that they will be treated fairly regarding wages and benefits. And I want the public to see that the county deals in truths and discloses to taxpayers everything that is being decided on their behalf.”

It is long past time to make our county government more organized and heading in the right direction. Susan is the best qualified person I know to do it. She has a long history of working with a variety of local organizations, e.g., Human Services Inc., Columbus Area Arts Council, Yellow Trail Museum in Hope, landlord association, police/fire departments, city government, veterans groups and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. And she has not been involved in the past county financial mismanagement.

Now is the time to replace the 24-year incumbent county commissioner with a highly qualified, successful, honest, hardworking, productive and talented candidate, Susan Thayer Fye.