Letter: Marty Hirons

From: Marty Hirons


With the election coming up, I would like to tell of my experience meeting Scott Andrews. I usually base my opinions on public forum and past history of the candidate, and when I met him I felt he was incredibly kind and generous.

I was sitting at Our Hospice of South Central Indiana with my friend whose mother-in-law is a patient there. It was a very hard time for both the mother-in-law and her husband, who is an only child, so everything was weighing on his shoulders. As I sat with my friend, I looked up and saw a nicely dressed man walk into Our Hospice and did something I rarely see this time of year. He removed his campaign button, quietly put it in his coat pocket and proceeded to walk over to his grieving friend, insisting to take him to lunch so he could have a break of dealing with the prolonged death of his mother.

I was so impressed with his genuine caring for his friend. This spoke volumes of his character. I think he will be a fair and kindhearted judge to Bartholomew County. I will happily be giving him my vote.