Letter: Nowlin is needed fresh face in government

From: Elaine Wagner


Dale Nowlin was my teacher at Columbus North High School. Back then, I always knew him as a kind, soft-spoken man who never raised his voice. He was always happy to be there, and all his students knew he enjoyed teaching. I never thought much more about it.

Last year, I met Dale again during my campaign for Columbus City Council. He was actively involved in the neighborhood and approached me during the neighborhood meetings to discuss issues. The same positive attitude followed him, even though he was tackling some tough issues like crime in his community.

This year, when he asked me to be his campaign manager, I was thrilled. Another person, like me, who wasn’t a politician stepping up to try to help the community! That was certainly something I was and still am happy to stand behind. I started learning more about Dale, and the more I learned the more impressed I have become.

He comes from a humble background and worked at a steel mill to pay his way through college. Not only that, he was given the presidential award for excellence in mathematics teaching from President George W. Bush. I never knew these things about him until this year, but these qualities in addition to his calm disposition make him a great candidate and someone we would want in office. His listening and communication skills, his work ethic and his ability to analyze data will make him a great asset for Bartholomew County for all issues the Indiana Legislature faces.

He has taught almost 5,000 students in his career and is much more than an excellent teacher. I think it’s time for new faces in our government, and that’s why I’m supporting Dale Nowlin for District 59 state representative.