Around Town – May 4

Orchids to …

• St. Bartholomew volunteers Patti Torre, Carl Eddy, Sandra Oliverio, Fred Stadtmiller, Elizabeth Ball, Rachel Branham and Charlotte Condon for driving me hither, thither and yon, from grateful fellow parishioner Janet Bierlein.

• Charlotte, Fred and Sachi for your friendship, from fellow pew-duster at St. Bartholomew’s Janet B.

• Carolyn Burbridge for being such a kind and caring neighbor, from Patsy Harris.

• Columbus Regional Hospital’s emergency room staff for all your help for my daughter’s fractured humerus, from a grateful mom.

• the cashier at Dollar Tree on Saturday afternoon for taking the next customer in line even though it meant ringing us out from behind your register.

• Addison Bakehouse for its generous donation of the gift certificates for the door prizes for our Red Cross Blood Drive last Thursday.

• all donors at the DSI Red Cross blood drive April 28, from DSI.

• Mila at McDonald’s on National Road for the dessert gift cards to give to our blood drive donors, from DSI.

• All at Fisher’s Flower Basket for taking care of our administrative professionals again this year at DSI with beautiful patio pots, from B at DSI.

• Dr. Manalac and everyone in 4 Tower and the emergency room April 27 for the best emergency care and hospital stay I have ever had or witnessed, and for being so pleasant and working in an efficient, timely manner, from Bekah.

• Gary Scroggins for his picture of the 12-sided barn.

• Enrique Hernandez Construction for the professional, considerate work on our bathroom.

• ministers who do not promote politics or ask their people to vote in the pulpit.

• Miss Hurt from Hope Elementary School for the costume that she used at school, from Doug Southern and Ashlynn.

• all who made the 51st annual First United Methodist Smorgasbord a success, from the Sons and the Arthurs.

• Sadie’s for the donated cobblers for our church smorgasbord, from Lee Arthur.

• Kristin Whittington, granddaughter of Charles B. Whittington, and John Link of Wisconsin for organizing the annual reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, this past weekend for members of the military unit for family and friends.

Onions to …

• gas stations that have higher-than-average prices.

• people using business advisers for years who still can’t run their own business.

• the person complaining about a free meal.

• people who live on their front porch.

• people who can’t do the math in thinking if the cost of goods go up, what point is there in raising the minimum wage?

• the clever writer trying to compare a $2 increase to almost doubling minimum wage.

• 60-year-old men who still haven’t figured out guns don’t kill people, people do.

• anyone complaining about a free hot meal regardless if it’s nutritious or not.

• the two officials Monday who forgot the main purpose they serve is for the players to be safe and bullying should not be tolerated in children’s activities.

• the store that stays open 24 hours but does not take returns after 10 p.m.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sara Schaub, from Kay and Joe.

• Lucas Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Amelia Robertson.

• Teresa Whittington.

• Mika Ross.

• Janet Butler, from Memphis, Haylen, Don, Judy, Stormy, Chuck and Paul.

• Joshua Jones on No. 21, love Mom and Tim.

• Tucker Gourley on No. 7, from Daddy, Mommy, Chloe, Gavin, Madison and Sophia.

• Bryan Correll, from Todd Correll and family.

• Steve Ayers, from your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Willie and Rosa Denton from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Bobbi Jo Hart from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Larry Estes from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Abigail Bailon from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Terry and Henrietta McGaha, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• W.A. and Shelley Burton, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.