City benefits from tree canopy initiative

The Columbus Park Foundation has started a new initiative intended to preserve and expand the city’s urban forest. It’s called Columbus Tree Canopy Partners.

Representatives from the city and local organizations are teaming with residents to accomplish this goal.

The genesis of the idea began with concerned residents who approached the park foundation because they didn’t believe the city had a long-term plan for tree sustainability.

This partnership is similar to efforts to preserve the city’s architectural gems in that the initiative’s purpose is to take care of what it has. The partners plan to do this by maintaining the city’s tree inventory and finding areas where new trees are needed.

Maintaining and enhancing Columbus’ tree inventory certainly has environmental benefits, such as:

  • Providing a habitat and food for birds and other animals
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen
  • Absorbing and blocking noise
  • Reducing air temperature by blocking sunlight

The initiative also will address human risks, because trees add a layer of protection for pedestrians and bicyclists against passing motorized vehicles.

Another benefit, according to Columbus Regional Health’s Healthy Communities program, is that an appealing outdoor environment can result in local residents being outdoors and becoming more active — something desired to improve the overall health of the community.

This initiative is a thoughtful investment in the city by concerned and interested parties. Initiatives such as these are important because they enhance the quality of life in the city for residents, making Columbus a more appealing place to live, work and play.