Letter: Cartoon promoted bias, not inclusiveness

From: Rosemary Randall Edens

North Vernon

As editor of The Republic, a newspaper of which I am a subscriber, an award-winning newspaper and a newspaper that I had come to think of as promoting that which is correct and fair in society, I was appalled at your printing a cartoon, Mother Goose and Grimm, May 17. That was a slap in the face to not only the LGBT community but to society as a whole.

I am a retired schoolteacher and adjunct instructor of sociology. Every day teachers try to promote inclusiveness, not always an easy task with all the bias that students learn from all areas of life. Whether it is race, sexual orientation, religious orientation, political orientation, economic stratification, body types, etc., teachers struggle to get students to realize we are all human beings. They do this while also trying to teach their subject matter.

People learn bias from a multitude of sources. Now children and adults can count on your newspaper’s comics section as yet another source. There are those who complain that society is “cramming down their throats” political correctness. I believe that we are all humans and that hateful slurs against one are not good for society as a whole.