Around Town – June 12

Orchids to …

• my family, friends and 6th Street General Baptist Church for my wonderful birthday party and all of my cards and making my day special, from Arvella Gilpin.

• Cummins volunteers Steve Dean, Jason Abon, Aditya Karumanchi, Emma Benchell and Mathew Bingham for the needed remodel of our bathroom, from Horizon House Homeless Shelter.

• Sara Cave for being so understanding, from Tina.

• Shirley Todd for her very nice and appreciated letter to the editor in Friday’s paper, from a grateful veteran.

• the new CRH Emergency Room for a trip that took far less than the time it usually takes.

• Baily at the Dollar Tree for your sweet help with the balloons.

• the gentleman at Menards who turned in my phone to the service desk — for being an honest person.

• the county for the wonderful job mowing on 400N/Tinkey Road; we can finally see.

• McDonald’s on Third Street for cleaning up their act.

• Keenan Zeigler for making the seventh grade honor roll, from Grandma Z.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ruthie West, from the Rev. Carl and The OutReach.

• Katie Garvey from Elsie and Julie.

• Graham Johnson.

• Tatum Shafer from Grandma Kim, Grandpa Mark, Grandma Jean and Grandma Joan.

• David Ray and Aleigh Kay from all the family.

• Sharon McDonald, from your family, Katie, Melody and Donna.

• Sharon McDonald, from Debbie, Carly, Mom, Brandy, Tristan, Avery, Travis, Ashley, Tyler, Ron, Josh, Ashley, Miles and Ray Ray.

• Ernie Mote, from your family.

• Janetta Bush on No. 90, from Betty and Charlie.

• Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Jim Kelly, from your family and Donna.

• Stacey Weismiller, from your family, Rea’s and Donna.

• Jenny Perry, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ken and Nancy Chandler and John and Nancy Gilliland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ken and Nancy Chandler, from your family and Donna.

ANOTHER beautiful morning