Court news – June 25

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Stone Enterprises, Washington Street, vs. Courtney Medaris-Bender, Elliott Street, $6,000 and eviction.

American Rentals vs. Jolene Carney, North County Road 150W, $200.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. David Booker and Shatnya Bennett, Illinois Street, $925 and eviction.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Stacy Hardy, California Street, $900 and eviction; and Carrie and Shawn Scheible, California Street, $1,250 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Xochitl Henderson, Wrenwood Drive, $1,160, 64; Kelly Lunsford, South Hinman Street, $1,638.10; Heather M. McMillen, Shelbyville, $1,464.21; and Justin R. Nicholas, Pearl Street, $2,668.25.

Robert Monroe, Monroe Court, vs. Peggy Coy, Sycamore Drive, damages and eviction.

DW3 Aaron’s Sales and Leasing vs. Tiffany McCammon and Gail Smith, Clifty Drive, $1,500; Christina White, North National Road, $1,500; Terrell Sheperd, Cottage Avenue, $1,500; Larriel Mosely, Greenwood, $1,500; Sierra Butler, Robert Drive, $1,500; Amanda and Jeff Billings, Nashville, $1,500; and Jason Lawson, Franklin Street, $1,500.

David W. Nowak, Fourth Street, vs. Daniel Todd Green, South County Road 400W, $275; Brandon Paul England, 27th Place, $400; Therra Nicole Copeland, Sycamore Court, $1,045; Jarod Lee Henderson, North County Road 475E, $1,785; and Carrie Hernandez, Werner Avenue, $395.

Equity Property Management vs. Marselle Whittington and Alan Snyder, Ruddick Avenue, $705 and eviction.

Gene Cox, River Forest, Illinois, vs. Anna Brantley, Franklin Street, $500 and eviction.

Phillip Doup, Sycamore Street, vs. Renda Colvin, Franklin Street, $620 and eviction.

Janice Park and Barbara Toler, Nineveh, vs. Michael and Beverly Anderson, Edinburgh, damages and eviction.

Natalie Roberts and Eric Brewer, Park Valley Drive, vs. Amber Fox, North Hughes Street, $2,350 and eviction.

Kenneth A. Patton, Sycamore Street, vs. D.C. Roofing and Exteriors, Cedar Ridge Drive, $5,782.02.

Dissolutions of Marriage


Jessica M. Sims, Columbus, vs. Charles Bernard Sims, Columbus, married July 20, 2002, separated May 10, 2016, two children.

Rodney L. Smith, Columbus, vs. Lisa M. Green Smith, Columbus, married Sept. 2, 2011, no separation date available, one child.

Andres Mejia, Silkwood Drive, vs. Rosa Lidia Blanco Ramirez, Longshore Drive, no marriage date available, separated Oct. 30, 2015.

Maxine Andis, Bartholomew County, vs. Thomas Andis, Vallonia, married Feb. 1, 2000, separated November 2010, two children.

Seth Garriott, Seymour, vs. Kayla Garriott, Seymour, married Dec. 12, 2012, separated May 26, 2016, two children.

Lacy J. Littiken, Bartholomew County, vs. Jeremy D. Littiken, Fairview Drive, married Sept. 14, 2012, no separation date available.

Sue Ellen Burkitt, Hope, vs. Jerry Milton Burkitt, Timbercrest Drive, married March 8, 2008, separated April 18, 2016.

Andy J. Watkins, Berkdale Drive, vs. Shianna R. Watkins, North County Road 500E, married Aug. 20, 2009, separated Sept. 6, 2014, one child.

Autumn C. Courtney, Lawton Avenue, vs. Derrick M. Courtney, no address available, married July 2, 2016, separated June 1, 2016.

Jerimey Perry, South Jonesville Road, vs. Autumn Perry, South County Road 100W, married March 14, 2009, separated May 21, 2016, three children.

Kristina M. Howard, Columbus, vs. Sean M. Howard, Franklin, married Aug. 22, 2015, separated May 17, 2016, one child.