Around Town – July 1

Orchids to …

• Mary Ellen Grosman for her kindness and extraordinary help, from a disabled person.

• Parkside Baptist Church for an enjoyable vacation Bible school.

• Dennis Stark for all of his help over the years.

• The Republic for its help with the Orchids, Onions, birthdays and anniversaries.

• the subdivision that has chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, rabbits and turkeys — as this is the place I’d like to live.

• Columbus Police Department for its assistance Wednesday, from a mobility cart rider.

• The Rev. Howard Boles for giving a disabled person a ride.

• Michael Kell for his assistance, from a disabled person.

• Tom Lane for his sensible letter on gun control and Stephanie Strothman for her sensible letter on urban chicken-keeping, both in Wednesday’s Republic.

• Thrive Alliance workers for the fantastic work they did for us on the ramp, from the Mize family.

• Kim at Parker State Farm Insurance for your expert knowledge and patience answering all my questions Thursday morning.

• organizers of Saturday’s event.

• doctors who follow the law.

• officials who promote a healthy and safe community by closing streets for walks and runs.

• The Republic for the picture of Tony Stewart on the front page of the sports section.

• the men in the Lowe’s lumber and plumbing departments who helped the lady in the 1970 blue pickup truck.

• Darrin Collins for being so kind to us, from Patsy and Lisa W.

• Phil Weick for his letter to the editor, from a taxpayer in the community who appreciates his educational point of view on the school district’s restroom issue.

Onions to …

• those who are allowing a lovely and moving display of flags to touch the ground.

• people who park their big work truck and trailer in the yard at the side of their house instead of using the driveway.

• those responsible for heavy construction and road closings from Seymour to Columbus on both U.S. 31 and State Road 11, causing commuters to have to leave extra early to avoid being late instead of working on one road at a time.

• people who submit Onions disguised as Orchids.

• people who pay high coffee prices instead of just going somewhere else.

• the local business that refused to accept certificates that a local patron paid for.

• the fair-weather grandmother who rarely comes to see her only grandson and gets angry because she’s waiting to be asked to come see him.

• the company that can’t measure openings correctly.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carrie Banister, from your family and Donna.

• Marilynn Rondot, from your family and Donna.

• Mike Stefaniak, from your co-workers.

• JoAnn Michaels, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ginny Owens, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• June “Nunie” Corbin, from Kathi, Scott, Adam, Steph, David, Holly and Sam.

• Shaina Hardin, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Eric DeBusk, from Pastor Carl and The OutReach.

• Marvina Horn, from Mom and Alvin.

• Russ Taylor from little brother Steve.

• Amy Hege from Grandma Hege.

• Nicholas Long.

• Peg Downey.

• Harper Justus.

• Talon Jessup from Mom, Dad, Thaise and G.G.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bootie and Darlene Burton, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ken and Bonnie Holt, from Jeri, Bob and Kassie.

• Sara Schaub on our No. 38, from your husband.

• Mike and Dana DeBaun from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jerry and Beverly McKinney.

• Ron and Sharon Waltz.

• James and Kristin Toole.

ANOTHER beautiful morning